BPD K-9 program benefits from P66 grant

Every October, during Red Ribbon Week, students across the U.S. learn about the dangers of abusing alcohol, prescription medications and illegal drugs. While the students are learning about the effects of drug abuse, the Phillips 66 Substance Abuse Team educates their employees on how to take an active role in talking with family about maintaining a drug-free lifestyle. The team also coordinates a fundraiser to support various drug free programs within the community. In 2016, donations from this effort went to the Bartlesville Police Department K-9 program.

“The Bartlesville Police Department and the K-9 officers Troy Newell and Andrew Ward, along with their K-9 partners Apollo, Duke and Diesel, have been a great resource when we reach out to our schools and our community. We are looking forward to working with the K-9 officers and their new partners in the future,” said Autumn Munkirs, Substance Abuse Program coordinator for Phillips 66.

BPD Capt. Jay Hastings says the K-9 program not only helps officers enforce drug laws but serves as a community policing tool as well.

“Substance abuse problems affect our community daily,” Hastings said. “Anytime we can partner with others within our community to work on ways to solve issues, the community benefits as a whole. The main purpose of the K-9 program is to assist officers with drug enforcement, but it is also viewed as a great community policing  tool. We appreciate the support Phillips 66 and our community has provided for the K-9 program.”