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Planning & Zoning Services

The primary responsibility of the Planning and Zoning Services Division is to administer the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Subdivision Code.

CPC Jurisdictional Area -- The Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Subdivision Code regulate development within the jurisdictional area of the Bartlesville City Planning Commission.  This area includes only the incorporated limits of Bartlesville.


The U.S. Highway 75 Corridor Study was adopted by the Bartlesville City Council and Washington County Board of Commissioners on September 15, 2003.  The study area includes all land within a one-mile corridor along Highway 75 from the south city limits of Bartlesville to Road 3100.  The Study document contains a Master Plan which serves as a guide for land use and transportation access management within the corridor.  In February 2004, the City and County adopted the Highway 75 Overlay District (HY75-O) regulations.  These overlay zoning regulations provide design guidelines and very specific objectives designed to enhance the safety, appearance, and business climate along the Highway 75 corridor.

The Downtown Master Plan was adopted by the Bartlesville City Council on February 17, 2004.  The Click here to view the Downtown Master Plan document.purpose of the Plan is to reflect the community's vision for Downtown Bartlesville and serve as a guide for realizing that vision.  To further the goals, objectives, policies, and action steps set forth in the Downtown Master Plan and to promote harmonious development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation of uses in and around the downtown central business district and the adjacent residential area, a development review process was created, a Design Review Committee was established, and Downtown Design Guidelines were adopted.  Anyone proposing to develop within the boundaries of the Bartlesville Redevelopment District is required to complete an application which will be reviewed by the Design Review Committee.  'Development' includes any new principal land use, any new principal structure, or any addition which increases the existing principal structure by more than 25%.  Recognizing that the Downtown Master Plan needed a strategy for implementing its recommendations, the Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust Authority developed the Downtown Implementation Plan.  


In July 2008, the Bartlesville City Council approved the Affordable Housing Plan. This plan was developed by the Bartlesville Affordable Housing Task Force over a nine month period. The plan reviews current housing demographics and offers recommendations on how to maintain and increase Bartlesville's existing affordable housing stock.

In February 2007, the Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) began a reconnaissance level survey of Bartlesville.  This project was conducted in cooperation with the City of Bartlesville for the purpose of identifying historic and architectural resources in our community.  The resulting document, 2007 Bartlesville Reconnaissance Level Survey, identified numerous properties eligible for National Register listing and properties that warrant further study.  The document will be a guide for the wise use of our community's resources and will assist us in integrating historic preservation into our community planning.  Click here to download the document, or stop by the Community Development Office and purchase a copy for $20.

The Planning & Zoning Services Division serves as staff to the City Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.  The staff coordinates all casework that goes before these two boards.  Click here to see the current planning cases.