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1/2-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax

In May 2008, voters renewed the 1/2–cent CIP tax for an additional five years (the sales tax is estimated to generate $13,900,000).  City Council has taken a list of possible projects and divided them into 'Priority Projects' accounting for 75% of the estimated sales tax revenues.  'Other Projects' are those, which may be completed with the balance of the sales tax revenues depending on the accuracy of revenue estimates and whether priority projects come in at or under budget.  This category may also include projects, which are on hold for final determination and projects, which may end up being funded form another source, like a grant.

½-Cent CIP 'Priority Projects' (in no particular order)
At the beginning of each fiscal year the Finance Director estimates the 1/2-cent CIP revenues for the year.  Staff then recommends one or more projects from the Priority Project list, which fit the revenue estimate.  Council then approves the annual 1/2-cent CIP budget.



Street Improvements
·  Bison Road Improvements between Adams Blvd. and Tuxedo Blvd.
·  Hillcrest Drive Improvements at Country Club Estates
·  Preventative Maintenance Projects


Downtown Improvements
·  Lights and Landscape Improvements on 2nd Street between Keeler and Cherokee
·  Lights and Landscape Improvements on Dewey between 2nd And 4th


Storm Drainage Improvements
·  Willow Hill Detention Improvements
·  Drainage Improvements along Nova between Harvey and Wayside


Park Improvements
·  Robinwood Park Improvements
·  Price Field Improvements
·  MJ Lee Lake Improvements
·  Pathfinder Trail Renovation with Leisure Facilities


Building Improvements
·  Library Carpet Replacement
·  Miscellaneous Library Facility Improvements
·  Replace Public Works Facility
·  Golf Course Cart Barn Roof Rehabilitation
·  Improvements to City Hall
·  Miscellaneous Improvements to City Buildings


Equipment and Vehicle Replacement
·  Police Department:  Partial replacement of police vehicle fleet
·  Sanitary Sewer Department:  1 - Vactor Truck
·  Street Department:  3 - Single Axle Dump Trucks with Snow Equipment, 3 - One Ton Flat Bed with Dumps, 1 - Asphalt Laydown Machine, 1 - Pro-Patch Asphalt Truck
·  Park Department:  2 - Tractor Mowers
·  Golf Course:  1 - Utility Reel Mower, 1 - 72 inch Front Deck Mower


Information Technology
·  Dry Sprinkler System for Server Room
·  Computer Upgrades for Various Departments


Total Priority Projects


½-Cent CIP 'Other Projects' (in no particular order)

·  Left turn lane at Adams and Delaware
·  Traffic signal improvements along Highway 60
·  Price Road detention
·  Civitan Park expansion
·  Miscellaneous park improvements
·  Need assessment for possible new police facility
·  Land acquisition for possible new police facility
·  1 top dresser
·  1 bunker rake
·  2 lightweight utility vehicles
·  4 ton fertilizer spreader
·  1 heavy duty equipment trailer
·  1 backhoe trailer
·  2 – ¼ ton pickup trucks
·  2 utility beds
·  1 camera van


Total Other Projects


TOTAL estimated 1/2 –cent CIP sales tax revenues


Follow the link for a map of the priority projects.