Projects update: Work continues on Johnstone Pavilion

Johnstone Park Pavilion

Work continues on the multi-phase Johnstone Park Pavilion project, which includes the construction of a 6,000 square foot open-sided pavilion, a perimeter sidewalk and a brick paver plaza near the entrance of Johnstone Park, at Cherokee Avenue and Hensley Boulevard.

The project is currently in Phase 3 of development, which includes the sidewalk, plaza and site lighting.

Director of Engineering Micah Siemers says work continues to progress on the project.

“The sidewalk has been constructed and the contractor has started work on the brick pavers in the plaza area,” Siemers said Tuesday.

He said KSL Dirt Works, the contractor on the project, has estimated it will take four to five days to complete the brick work.

“Once that is complete they will move on to finishing up the final grading of the site, the remaining sod installation and installing the street lights inside the plaza and along the connection between the plaza and the sidewalk along Hensley Boulevard.”

The project is funded through the Community Development Block Grant-Small Cities Set Aside program with matching funds from the City’s half-cent Capital Improvement Projects sales tax.

The pavilion is available for rental and community events. Call 918-338-4226 to inquire about availability and/or reservation. Payment must be made before the facility can be reserved.

Asphalt street rehab projects

Work is approximately 75 percent complete on the mill and overlay project involving Osage, Rogers, Penn, Lannom and Spruce streets, Siemers said.

“The asphalt overlay has been completed on Spruce, Rogers, Penn, and Lannom streets, which were the high priority areas to complete before school starts because they¬† are adjacent to Jane Phillips and Wilson Elementary schools.”

Siemers said some minor work remains, but it shouldn’t interfere with classes.

“The streets may not be striped before school starts, but those activities should have minimal impact on the traffic around the schools,” he said.

Milling should begin Wednesday on Osage between 13th Street and Adams with asphalt work to begin next week.

Concrete street rehab projects

The concrete panel replacement project involving Sirocco, Skyline and Moonlight streets is approximately 40 percent complete, Siemers said.

“Construction on Moonlight is almost complete with work beginning on Skyline in the near future,” he said. “Once the contractor completes the work in Hillcrest Heights they will mobilize to Oak Park to begin work on Sirocco between Oak Park and Virginia.”