Q&A: No permits filed for Oak Park housing

November 14, 2017

Why hasn’t the City published information about the new housing development planned for Oak Park?

In June of this year, the Community Development Department received an inquiry requesting zoning information about the Oakwood Addition, located in the Oak Park neighborhood. No applications for construction have been filed with the City’s Building Services Department, nor have any other actions been taken requiring City involvement.

According to the Community Development Department, City staff was contacted in June about the development, proposed by Green Country Development Group of Inola, Okla., and at that time confirmed that the property is properly zoned for the development as described. Green Country Development is proposing to construct up to 100 single-family rental homes on the undeveloped northeast portion of Oak Park. The development, according to Green Country Development Group, would be known as “Arcadian Housing.”

Inquiries such as these are common and do not always result in construction. Should the proposed development move forward, however, the next step would be for the developer to file a building permit application, which would then be considered for approval by the Building Services Department. Assuming construction plans meet all City requirements, it is likely that no other action involving the City of Bartlesville would be necessary for the project to proceed, as the site location is already appropriately zoned for the construction of single-family homes.


Construction starts on Bison Trails project

What is the construction at the northwest corner of Bison Road and Nowata Road?

The construction at that location is Phase 1 of the Bison Trails Apartment development. Permits were issued recently for the development, and groundbreaking took place on Oct. 27. The $13.8 million development, recently approved as Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District No. 9, includes the construction of a high-quality, market rate multi-family residential complex of 158 dwelling units in 16 buildings, a community building/clubhouse and a pool. (For more information, see City Beat Archives.)