Selections made for storm shelter programs

Participants randomly drawn for two State of Oklahoma-administered storm shelter programs have been notified of their selection — but new slots could open due to opt-outs, City Grants Administrator Nancy Warring said this week.

The Storm Shelter Rebate Program, a FEMA grant program that is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and facilitated by Washington County, will provide a rebate for the purchase of storm shelters to upwards of 100 qualified Washington County residents. Sooner Safe, another ODEM program, will provide for an additional 53 shelters throughout the county.

“Ninety-two Washington County residents qualified for the Storm Shelter Rebate program administered by the State,” Warring said. “Those residents signed up in February and attended a meeting where requirements and guidelines were presented. Of those interested, ninety-two were randomly selected to receive the rebate.”

Those participants have been notified, Warring said.

“If you haven’t been notified already, your name wasn’t chosen for the rebate,” she said.

There could be “opt-outs,” though, which would allow others to qualify for the rebates.

“We expect some people will decide not to follow through with their storm shelter purchase, and that would present an opportunity for others to be considered,” Warring said. “If that is the case, additional participants would be randomly selected from the people who signed up in February and attended at least one of the meetings held in Bartlesville, Copan and Ramona.”

Those who are selected to fill the open slots will be notified by Washington County officials, Warring said.