Firefighter contenders test for spot at BFD

Candidates for Bartlesville firefighter positions underwent the Fire Department’s physical agility testing last week.

According to BFD Training Chief/Public Information Officer Bill Hollander, the next step in the hiring process is oral interviews, which will be conducted soon. The department currently has one position open, but candidates who successfully complete the testing procedures will remain subject to hire for one year. Hollander said testing should be complete and the open position should be filled next month.

RIGHT: In one portion of the testing, the applicants are required to climb a 75-foot ladder under the watchful eye of Firefighter Adam Topping.
BELOW, COUNTER CLOCKWISE: BFD Driver Steve Burnett times the applicants in the sand bag drag.
Firefighter candidates must follow a hose through a maze while wearing full gear and a face piece that blocks their vision. Firefighter Erick Franzen holds the hose in place as one of the candidates makes his way through one of the more challenging portions of the maze — the loop.
Firefighter Ryan Edwards oversees the candidates as they are tested for balance after completing one of the more difficult legs of the testing — the hose carry and sand bag drag.
Firefighter candidates are required to run several flights of stairs repeatedly in under 2 minutes 30 seconds — timed here by Firefighter Jimmy Scully — while carrying various objects to qualify for a firefighter position.