4th of 5 water rate increases effective July 1

City of Bartlesville utility bills reflect new rates beginning in July, Utility Billing/Customer Service Supervisor Tammy Hudgens said this week.

The rate increases became effective July 1. The increases are the fourth in a series of five to be implemented each year, ending in 2020.

But because the City’s utility billing cycle includes readings taken in June, the charges will be listed prior to July 1 as well as after July 1, Hudgens said.

“This will have the appearance on the bill that the customer has been double-charged, because they will see two lines of ‘water meter base charge,’ two lines of ‘sewer meter base charge,’ in addition to the sewer charge and waste water investment fee,” said Hudgens. “Please be assured this is not the case; it’s just breaking down the charges prior to the rate increases and after the rate increases went into effect.”

For more information, contact Utility Billing at 918-338-4224.