Bartlesville approved for COVID relief funds

April 7, 2021

City officials were notified recently that Bartlesville has been awarded COVID relief funds from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in the amount of $936,189. The funding will be used to help Bartlesville residents experiencing hardships due to the COVID-19 virus.

“This is the first grant that we will receive from the federal government that is intended as direct assistance to the citizens of Bartlesville,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “We have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of our application and are very happy to announce that Bartlesville has been chosen as a recipient of this funding. It really is great news.”

“This will be a tremendous benefit,” said Mayor Dale Copeland.

The Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Disease Relief Program provides grant funding for activities that address the health and economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds are intended to pay costs not covered by other forms of assistance and that specifically benefit persons of low and moderate income. Areas of relief included in the application, as required by the ODOC, are:

  • Mental health
  • Rent
  • Utilities

Application for the grant was approved by the City Council in January and confirmation was received by the council during a meeting on Monday. The City of Bartlesville has not yet received the funding.

“This has been approved, but this has not been funded,” said Copeland. “The grant acceptance process is still in development, so there are not funds in Bartlesville waiting to be disbursed.”

Assistant City Planner Nancy Warring said the next step in the process is for City staff to attend a Zoom training later this month to learn more details about the funding and administration of the program.

“We know we will be working with local non-profits for funding distribution rather than providing funds directly to individuals,” Warring said. “For instance, CONCERN will assist with rent and utility assistance while Grand Lake Mental Health Center will participate with mental health assistance. But we will have more detailed information following the training this month and will begin a concentrated effort at that time to educate everyone on how to proceed in applying for assistance.”