BFD: Fireworks not permitted in city limits

Fourth of July festivities will be underway next week — with cookouts, lake fun and organized fireworks displays. But fireworks for individual use are not permitted inside the Bartlesville city limits, Fire Department Training/Public Information Officer Bill Hollander said recently.

“Sparklers, ‘snakes,’ and things of that nature that are classified as novelty items rather than fireworks are allowed, but fireworks — anything that makes noise or shoots into the air — is prohibited,” Hollander said.

He said arranged fireworks displays are permitted for companies that are licensed and have trained personnel to administer classified fireworks, but individual permits are not issued.

“The City of Dewey issues permits for fireworks but the City of Bartlesville does not,” he said. “Fireworks are also permitted in rural areas.”

Those who choose the latter option should be mindful of any trash they create, Hollander said.

“If you are going to rural areas to shoot fireworks, please be kind to our rural neighbors and pick up your trash,” he said.

But most of all, Hollander urges everyone to be safe this holiday.

“The Fourth is a great holiday to get out with your friends and family and have fun — and we want everyone to do that — but we also want everyone to be safe,” he said. “Thousands of injuries are reported each year nationwide due to mishandling fireworks, boating accidents and travel over the Fourth of July holiday. We encourage everyone handling fireworks to do so correctly and to closely monitor children who are using them, as well as remain alert to fire dangers caused by fireworks and using outdoor cooking devices. And, as always, don’t operate any type of vehicle — in the water or on-road — while drinking.”