City facilities to begin reopening on Monday

City facilities are set to reopen and programs to resume as Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) plan progresses into Phases 2 and 3 in the coming weeks. City Ordinance No. 3527 allows most City-owned facilities to reopen and suspended programs and services to resume with the progression to Phase 2 of the governor’s OURS plan.

In anticipation of a likely announcement that the State will move to Phase 2 of the plan on Friday (May 15), City officials have begun planning for reopening and transitioning staff back into City facilities between now and June 1.

Openings planned:

May 18
  • City Hall: Utility Billing, Municipal Court (with seating limitations), Accounts Receivable
  • Adams Golf Course (with restaurant limitations)
  • Police department lobby
  • Restrooms at Sooner Park, Johnstone Park and Lee Lake
  • Bartlesville Public Library will begin its first phase of reopening by offering curbside service to patrons
  • Codes enforcement hearings
  • Parking enforcement
  • Traffic enforcement
June 1
  • Bartlesville Public Library interior (with limitations)
  • All park restrooms

Park playgrounds

  • Playgrounds will remain closed until there is no community transmission of the virus, in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the National Recreation and Park Association. It is anticipated that Sooner, Johnstone and Civitan Park playgrounds could reopen on June 1, with progression of the third phase of the governor’s OURS plan, while other playgrounds would likely reopen sometime after that.
  • It has not yet been determined whether Sooner and Frontier Swimming Pools will be reopened for the season.

Other City facilities are expected to open this period, and announcements of these openings will be made as they occur.

General information

  • Sneeze guards will be installed in areas with public contact
  • Social distancing protocols will be maintained at all times
  • Municipal court will resume with six feet between seats
  • Employees will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment, which is mandatory for those who interact with the public and/or work in enclosed places or vehicles
  • Facilities will be sanitized several times a day