Charter city

The Bartlesville City Charter is a legal document by which the city is governed. The charter was approved by voters and certified by the governor of Oklahoma in 1987. Voters have since approved minor revisions to the document, with the last revision occurring in 2010.

Bartlesville City Charter Table of Contents

Art. 1. Boundaries, Powers, Rights, liabilities
Art. 2. Elective Officers, City Council
Art. 3. Nominations and Elections
Art. 4. Recall of Elective Officers
Art. 5. Appointive Officers
Art. 6. Appointments And Promotions
Art. 7. Initiative and Referendum
Art. 8. Public Utilities
Art. 9. Ordinances
Art. 10. The Budget
Art. 11. Audits And Reports
Art. 12. Labor
Art. 13. Public Library
Art. 14. Commissions, Boards, Committees, Departments
Art. 15. City Buildings, Playgrounds, Parks and Other Public Places
Art. 16. General Provisions
Art. 17. Succession In Government
Art. 18. Amendments

Download a Certified Copy of Amended Charter Signed 12-28-10.