The Ambulance Commission was formed to oversee, regulate and direct the ambulance service within the jurisdiction of the Ambulance Commission. Points of Discussion include length of time it takes the ambulance to respond to a call for service, prepare the patient for transport and reach the medical facility; appropriate rates for ambulance services; and levels of treatment for patients while in the care of para-medical personnel.


There are five members on the Ambulance Commission. Non-voting staff advisors are the police chief and fire chief.


Meetings are called as needed.

Notice of Meeting & Agendas
1/12/22 (Canceled due to lack of quorum)
2/16/22 Notice & Agenda

Current members

Brian C. Schexnayder
Apptd:     2/18 Expires: 2/21*
ReApptd: 1/21 Expires: 2/24

Pammala Powell-Ramsey – resigned –  effective May 20, 2023
Apptd: 1/21 Expires: 1/24*

Gary Collins
Apptd: 12/21 Expires: 12/24*

Thomas Montgomery
Apptd: 12/21 Expires: 12/24*

Richard Keim
Apptd: 1/22 to fill the unexpired term
of Jesse Duncan which Expires: 2/24*


Staff Advisors:
Police Chief Kevin Ickleberry
Fire Chief David Topping