Goals & mission

The goal of the BRTA is to promote and encourage reinvestment in and the redevelopment of the historic downtown business district of the City of Bartlesville and of the adjacent residential areas. One way the BRTA seeks to do this is by acquiring properties within or near the downtown area and making those properties available for redevelopment by private parties.

The BRTA also works with property owners, businesses, developers, investors, organizations and agencies who wish to redevelop their buildings or land in the city with single-use or multi-use projects that may involve single family or multi-family residential, office, retail, restaurants, entertainment, arts, education, and public improvements and amenities. The Authority promotes and utilizes various forms of financing including Tax Increment Financing, various Federal and State Tax Credits Programs, Bonds, Loan Funds, and Grants to help a project succeed.


There are seven members on the Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust Authority, including a voting City Council representative. Chris Wilson is the Director. Contact information and roster listed below agenda information.


Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Avenue.

2018 Schedule of Regular Meetings


Armstrong, West 8th and Jennings Proposals:

Open Proposal Invitation for Armstrong-Jennings Property 2015
Attachment A – Property Zoning
Attachment B – Water and Sewer
Attachment C – Proximity to Other Uses
Attachment D.1 – Original Appraisal 709,713,717 & 713 SW Jennings Ave308 W8th St704,712,716 & 720 SW Armstrong Ave
Attachment D.2 – 709,713,717 & 713 SW Jennings Ave308 W8th St704,712,716 & 720 SW Armstrong Ave
BRTA Incentive Criteria Worksheet

2018 Agendas 2017 Agendas 2016 Agendas
01.24.18 BRTA Agenda 1/25/17 Agenda 1/13/16 Incentive Review Committee Agenda
01.24.18 BRTA CANCELATION 2/22/17 Agenda 1/25/16 BRTA Agenda – Minutes
01.26.18 BRTA SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE01.26.18 BRTA SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA 3/22/17 Canceled 2/22/16 Cancelled
2/28/18 Canceled 4/24/17 Agenda4/24/17 Notice of Special Meeting 2/26/16 Notice of Meeting-2/26/16 Agenda
3/28/18 Agenda 4/26/17 Canceled 3/28/16 AGENDA-3/28/16 Minutes
4/25/18 Canceled 5/24/17 Agenda 4/5/16 Incentive Review Comm. Notice –4/5/16 IRC Agenda
5/9/18 Amended Agenda5/9/18 Agenda5/9/18 Notice of Meeting 6/28/17 Agenda 4/6/16 BRTA Spec. Mtg. Notice – 4/6/16 BRTA Agenda
5/7/18 Incentive Review Committee Agenda5/7/18 Incentive Review Committee Notice of Meeting 7/26/17 Canceled 4/25/16 Agenda –Minutes
5/11/18 Canceled5/11/18 Notice of Special Meeting 8/23/17 Canceled 5/9/16 Notice of Meeting – 5/9/16 Special Meeting Agenda – Minutes
6/11/18 Agenda-06.11.18 NOTICE 5/14/18 Notice of Special Meeting & Agenda 9/27/17 Canceled 5/23/16 Cancelled
6/14/18 IRC Agenda6/14/18 Notice of Incentive Review Committee Special Meeting- 10/18/17 Agenda10/18/17 Notice of Special Meeting 5/17/16 Agenda- 5/17/16 Minutes
6/27/18 Amended Agenda-6/27/18 Agenda 10/25/17 Cancelled 6/21/16 Incentive Review Committee Notice 6/21/16 IR
7/25/18 Amended Agenda07-25-18 BRTA 11/15/17 Canceled 6/27/16 Agenda-6/27/16 Minutes
08.15.18 BRTA SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA 12/6/17 Notice & Agenda 7/19/16 Notice of Meeting – 7/19/16 Agenda- 7/19/16 Minute
8/22/18 Agenda 12/13/17 Agenda -12/13/17 Notice of Meeting 7/25/16
9/17/18 Notice & Agenda 08.22.16 REGULAR MEETING Agenda
9/26/18 Canceled 9/26/16 Agenda
10/11/18 Canceled10/11/18 IRC Notice & Agenda 10/24/16 Agenda
10/17/18 Agenda10/17/18 Special Meeting Notice 11/14/16 Agenda  
10/24/18 Canceled 12/5/16 Cancelled
11/6/18 Agenda11/6/18 Notice cancelation-notice-12-12-1612/12/16 Notice of Meeting
12/28/16 Agenda12/28/16 Notice of Meeting


Chris Wilson, BRTA Director
401 South Dewey Ave. Suite 812
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Office: 918-214-8501
Mobile: 918-766-4847


Max Lutke
Apptd:  2/15 to fill unexpired term
Reapptd and Expires Sept. 2019*

Tyler Vaclaw
Apptd.  2015 to fill resignation
Expires: Sept. 2017*
Reappointed – Expires: Sept. 2020*

David Nickel
Apptd: 5/16 to fill unexpired term
Reapptd and Expires Sept. 2019*

David Nelson
Apptd. Sept. 2016 to fill unexpired term
Expires Sept. 2018*
Reappointed – Expires Sept. 2021

Bill Covell
Apptd. Sept. 2016
Expires: Sept. 2019*

Blair Ellis
Apptd: Nov. 2018
Expires: Sept. 2021*

Mayor Dale Copeland, City Council Rep.

Apptd. 2/17

*Eligible to serve for additional three years upon first reappointment.