Bid invitations

The City of Bartlesville follows all applicable state and local laws that apply to bidding and purchasing. It is the City’s desire to make purchases in the most efficient, transparent and fiscally responsible manner available under these laws. Certain purchases are required to be executed through a closed bid process or through the solicitations of proposals.  All items that fall under these rules are listed on this page.  Please feel free to contact the responsible City employee that is listed in the attached solicitations with any questions or submissions.

Projects currently open for bids

The following projects are open for bids:

April 20, 2020

2019 2020 021 2019 CDBG Project Veterans Park Playground

2019 2020 023 Downtown Central Business District Paving Rehab and Landscaping Phase II

2019 2020 025 Pathfinder Parkway Extension

2019 2020 026 Bville Skate Park at Lee Lake