Grant funding

The City of Bartlesville pursues grants from Federal, State and private sources to supplement the City’s budget and provide programs and projects to benefit the citizens of Bartlesville.

Most grants require a financial commitment or an “in-kind” match from the City. The City most often utilizes “in-kind” match options, donating the time and services of City departments and employees.

The City of Bartlesville does not provide grant funding to organizations or individuals.
Recent grants

Safe Routes to School $172,800

Training & Equipment for Fire Investigators $25,245

Digital cameras for patrol officers $7,500

Frank Griggs Negatives Accession $19,138

Newpaper digitization $14,036

Multi-use pavilion $106,152

Equipment for police and fire departments $50,000

Bulletproof vests for police officers $4,285

Overtime funding for patrol officers $19,797


For more information:
Nancy E. Warring, Grants Administrator/Assistant City Planner