Polycart rates

The City of Bartlesville provides one 96-gallon polycart to every residential property or commercial property not using a commercial container. Occupants can acquire a cart of a different capacity, or acquire additional carts for $9 per month fee per additional cart by calling 918-338-4224.

Curbside collection

Residential cart rates for regulation curbside collection are as follows:

Cart Price
96 Gallon Cart $19.00
64 Gallon Cart $17.00
32 Gallon Cart $15.00
Additional Carts $9.00

Commercial customers

Commercial customers using a two or three yard container have a minimum collection of once a week with a maximum of six times. Monthly fees are determined by container size and frequency of service. These containers are for commerical use only.  Charges are as follows:

Container Size 1 Collection/Week 2/Week 3/Week 4/Week 5/Week 6/Week
2 cu. yard $98.00 $153.00 $230.00 $305.00 $383.00 $458.00
3 cu. yard $130.00 $166.00 $249.00 $331.00 $415.00 $497.00

In the event additional collections per week are requested beyond the normal scheduled collections per week, there will be a charge of  $20 per cart for 2 cubic yard container and $25 per 3 cubic yard container.

Roll-off service

Roll-off service is also available to residential and commercial customers with 20 to 30 yard roll-offs available. Disposal fees are based on the weight of the materials in the unit.  Anyone wishing to rent a roll-off is required to have an active account with a current balance through the City of Bartlesville.  If you do not have an active account, a deposit of $186 is required to establish the account. This deposit can be refunded at the time services are discontinued or the deposit can be applied to towards the account.

Service Price
Standard Roll-Off $208.00/pickup + landfill disposal cost
Compactor   $275.00/pickup + landfill disposal cost
Rental fee  $10.00/day