Volunteer crossing guards are needed at all Bartlesville Public Schools. Part time, flexible schedules are available. All equipment will be provided.

Wouldn’t it be great if every school had the crossing guards it needs so that kids would be safer crossing those busy streets as they walk to school?

Unfortunately, budgets are tight, and the school district doesn’t have money to pay for crossing guards.  What we need are some dedicated, trained adult volunteers!

The Bartlesville Police Department has launched a Crossing Guard Training Program to organize and train community volunteers who are willing to serve as school crossing guards.  This initiative comes out of our Safe Routes to School Program which is all about making the walk to school safer for kids!

This is a wonderful opportunity for retirees, grandparents, college students, etc.  Do you know someone who would make a good crossing guard?

What a great opportunity to help the Bartlesville School District, help the kids to be safer, and help the Bartlesville community.


Call Nancy Warring at 918-338-4243 for more information, or send her an email at newarring@cityofbartlesville.org.


Every Bartlesville school should have the crossing guards it needs so that kids will be safer and parents will feel better about letting their kids walk to school!