Safe Routes to School

In October 2011, the City of Bartlesville applied for another round of Safe Routes to School grant funding for the following participating schools: Hoover, Jane Phillips, Kane, Wilson, and Madison.

In January 2015, the City was notified by ODOT that the Hoover-Madison joint application was approved for funding.


In preparation for submitting the grant applications, we conducted “walkabouts” at the schools with teams generally consisting of the school principal, Director of Engineering Terry Lauritsen, Bartlesville Police Department Lt. Eric Peterson, Kerry Ickleberry of Bartlesville Public School District, and City Grants Administrator Nancy Warring. Other school staff joined in.

The teams walked all around the schools and discussed any safety concerns in regard to walkers and bikers. We looked at bus and vehicle drop off areas and where they might conflict with walkers. We talked about ways to slow down traffic and make school zones more noticeable.  We talked about where new sidewalks are most needed. From these walkabouts, we created maps and made them available at the schools and on this website for public comment. For an interactive map of streets and other features of Bartlesville go to GIS City Maps.

Final Plans, known as Travel Plans, were then prepared for each school.  (Hoover and Madison were combined in one Travel Plan.) The plans listed proposed engineering, education, encouragement, and enforcement projects. The plans were submitted to ODOT and subsequently approved for the next phase in the process, the grant application. Grant applications were prepared and submitted to ODOT in October 2011.