Over 5000 linear feet of sidewalk was constructed with funding from the Safe Routes to School grant.

In 2011, new sidewalks were constructed at 4 Bartlesville elementary schools – Hoover, Jane Phillips, Kane, and Wilson – thanks to a $200,000 Federal grant. (The original grant application also included sidewalks for Will Rogers and Oak Park, but when those 2 schools closed, their funding was reallocated to the other schools.)

Also, at the time of grant application, the other 2 elementary schools, Ranch Heights and Wayside, were planning changes to their entrances. It was likely that some new sidewalks would be part of their redevelopment plans. With final student walking patterns unknown and the possibility of new sidewalks being incorporated into those new redevelopment plans, city staff decided to focus the Safe Routes to School sidewalk money on the other schools.

The new sidewalk locations were determined by observing students’ walking patterns and using public and school input. It was a challenge to be equitable yet put the sidewalks where they are needed most.

Crossing locations and crosswalks were also observed and considered, and the grant money was used to repaint crosswalks and paint new crosswalks.

  • For an interactive map of streets and other features of Bartlesville go to GIS City Maps.