Covid-19: Recreational facilities to remain open

March 19, 2020
Parks, Adams Golf Course to remain open in midst of closures

The City of Bartlesville recently announced several measures that have been put into place in response to the U.S. outbreak of Covid-19, a coronavirus that the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic, including the reduction of public access in most City facilities. These closures were put into effect in an effort to help reduce spread of the disease, which is highly contagious and for which there is no treatment or cure.

While offices at City Hall, police, fire and other City facilities are closed to the public except by appointment, the City’s recreational facilities will not close due to the ability of guests to practice social distancing while on the premises.

“We have made some modifications to the operations to these facilities, in particular at Adams Golf Course, but the golf course and our parks are open to the public at this time,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “We urge everyone to be mindful that we are not able to disinfect playground equipment, however, so they may want to avoid those areas until further notice. Otherwise, these facilities offer large, open spaces that all of us can take advantage of during this difficult time.”

For a complete list of City of Bartlesville closures, see the March 18 City Beat Bulletin. All City Beat archives are available on the City’s website,

Adams Golf Course open, with new policies

Adams Golf Course, located at 5801 Tuxedo Blvd., is open and several measures have been adopted to help ensure the safety of customers, Golf Pro Jerry Benedict said this week.

“We have been preparing and have acted immediately to follow steps to control the spread of this virus and help protect our customers,” Benedict said. “We are abiding by national, state, and City policies to protect our staff and customers alike by making changes in our dining area to allow for social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting every three hours as well as some other changes in our course maintenance.”

Policy changes that have been implemented until further notice include:

Enhanced cleaning/sanitization policies
  • Facility restrooms.
  • Handles, doors and highly touched areas.
  • All items in the ice room.
  • Tables, chairs and counter tops.
  • Range machine, range baskets and sink in locker room.
  • Employees using point of sale registers will use stylus pens.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front counter for customers.
  • Disinfectant spray and hand towels will be provided for the players to disinfect seats, steering wheels and other touch areas of the golf cars.
  • Employees cleaning golf cars after use will wear gloves as they clean and store golf cars for their protection.
  • Golf cars will be sanitized before use, including steering wheels, seats and handles on seats
  • No more than 10 people are permitted inside the golf shop at one time.

Golf Course Maintenance

  • Ball washers and water fountains will not be going out until later in the season.
  • Rakes will be pulled out of the bunkers and stored and maintenance employees will check bunkers once a day.
  • Flags on the putting green will be removed.
  • With the changes in rules that allow the flag to remain in the cup while putting, we ask that golfers to NEVER touch or REMOVE the flag stick. Pull your ball out of the hole with your glove on.
  • The bathrooms on the golf course will be locked until further notice.

“It is important to keep in mind that golf is an outdoor activity. Our players are spread out and use their own equipment,” Benedict said. “Hopefully this will be over soon and life can get back to normal. Until then, we urge everyone to stay safe and protected.”

Parks to stay open; reservations suspended

City of Bartlesville parks remain open despite several Covid-19 mitigation measures adopted by the Bartlesville City Council on Wednesday. Those measures included revoking special event permits and prohibiting public gatherings of greater than 50 people at any City owned or managed facility. Measures are in place until at least April 6.

“Park shelter and pavilion reservations through April 6 have been cancelled and reservation fees will be refunded,” said Community Development Director Lisa Beeman. “New reservations for city shelters and pavilions will not be accepted at this time, and no further special event permits will be issued.

Shelters and pavilions remain open on a first-come, first-serve basis and citizens may use these and other park facilities – including playgrounds and picnic tables – at their own risk, Beeman said. Facilities are maintained by Parks Department crews, but are not sanitized.

Public restrooms at city parks are closed, and the City-owned Frontier and Sooner pools are not expected to open for the summer season.