Downtown crosswalk re-striping part of GO bond mill & overlay project

September 9, 2019

The street crosswalks around the Phillips 66 and ConocoPhillips campus need to be painted.

Several projects are planned or already underway in the downtown area including a mill and overlay of downtown streets between Adams and Hensley and between Keeler and Cherokee. However, the project will need to be coordinated with several other projects either currently ongoing or set to begin in the near future in the downtown area, including construction of the Tower Center at Unity Square and sewer and storm drain improvements in the area of Sixth Street and Adams. Because of the need to coordinate these and other projects, construction on the mill and overlay project will likely not begin until next summer. The City will re-strip all downtown crosswalks at that time.

Condemnation process for dilapidated structures

There are a number of buildings that only seem fit for condemnation. What is involved with that process?  

It is actually a rather involved process to condemn a dilapidated structure and the City always strives to work with property owners to make repairs before such measures are taken. A notice is posted at the property of a hearing date, at which time the hearing officer will consider the information and try to find ways to work with the property owner to make the needed repairs. If repairs (or attempts to repair) have not been made within 30 days the City can abate the property, assuming there is available funding to do so. Property owners may appeal the decision of the hearing officer and take their case to the City Council, which further delays the process. The City Council may uphold the hearing officer’s findings, set them aside or make modifications to allow the property more time to make the repairs.

Answer: Cable One buildings

What is being built out behind Davis Funeral Home?

According to the Community Development Department, the buildings are storage and equipment buildings associated with Cable One.