Downtown streets project set to start soon

May 5, 2020

Several City projects — including the Downtown Streets Mill and Overlay project, a playground at Veterans Park, Pathfinder Parkway extensions and the construction of a skate park at Lee Lake — are expected to be underway soon thanks to actions taken by the City Council on Monday.

The council authorized work contracts for several projects during the regularly scheduled meeting, most of which will be under construction in the next month or two, Director of Engineering Micah Simers told the council.

Contracts for the following projects were approved unanimously by the council:

Downtown Central Business District Paving Rehabilitation ($2 M)

Downtown Landscaping Phase 2 ($250,000)

Pathfinder Parkway Connection: Downtown to West Bartlesville (373,000)

Contractor: KSL Dirtworks

Budgeted amount: $2,623,000

Funding source: 2018 G.O. Bond Issue

Cost: $1,977,788

Start date: Approximately 60 days

Targeted completion: 6-7 months

Work on the Downtown Central Business District Paving Rehabilitation, the Pathfinder Parkway Connection from downtown to west Bartlesville and the Downtown Landscaping Phase 2 projects, all approved by voters in the 2018 General Bond Obligation Issue, will be completed as a combined project.

Project overview:

  • A two-inch mill and overlay of downtown streets between Adams Boulevard and Hensley Boulevard and between Jennings Avenue and Cherokee Avenue (excludes State highways Adams and Hensley as well as Cherokee Avenue and Frank Phillips Boulevard)
  • Handicap ramps at intersections
  • New handicap parking spaces
  • Street re-striping
  • Bike lane striping and signage on Dewey between Hensley and Adams, on Fourth Street between Cherokee and Comanche, and on Second Street between Dewey and Keeler
  • Downtown landscaping on Frank Phillips from Keeler to Cherokee

“As one of our lengthier projects, the downtown streets mill and overlay will require a disruption for traffic flow in the downtown area over a fairly considerable amount of time,” Siemers said. “However, we will do our best to minimize that disruption by completing the project in phases. In other words, we’ll mill one street and then put that street back together before moving to the next street.”

Siemers said the combined projects have been coordinated with several other downtown projects either recently completed or nearing completion, including the Tower Center at Unity Square community gathering space, the downtown storm system and sewer line improvements and the Frank Phillips mill and overlay from Sunset Boulevard to Park Street.

The Pathfinder connection project involves the extension of the existing Pathfinder Parkway pedestrian and bicycle trail system from its end point in Johnstone Park into and through Downtown Bartlesville and then to West Bartlesville via a combination of both on-street and off-street designs along with informational and directional signage. This portion of the project involves only bike lane signage. Leftover funds allocated to this project will be used to fund other portions of the project.

Pathfinder Parkway Extension

Contractor: Whaling Construction

Budgeted amount: $222,700

Funding source: Half-cent Capital Improvement Projects Fund ($90,000); Recreational Trails Program grant ($132,700)

Cost: $220,445

Start date: 30-60 days

Targeted completion: No later than December 2020

Project Overview:

  • Construction of new Pathfinder Parkway trail from the existing trail system at the Highway 75 bridge over Turkey Creek to the trail system that ends at the Paths to Independence School on Frank Phillips Boulevard
  • Replacement of the temporary gravel parking lot on the west side of Highway 75 near Eastland Parkway

“This project will involve constructing a new trail heading east from Highway 75 behind Long John Silvers/A&W continuing east through the vacant Eastland property where it meets the west end of Brookline Drive,” Siemers said. “The trail will then follow Brookline Drive east to Frank Phillips and will cross Frank Phillips just east of Turkey Creek where the trail currently terminates in the former Will Rogers School building parking lot, or what is now the Paths to Independence School.”

Siemers said this project has faced several delays due to problems acquiring property easements and other issues.

Skate Park at Lee Lake

Contractor: Evergreen Skateparks (Portland, Ore.)

Budgeted amount: $375,000

Funding source: Half-cent Capital Improvement Projects Fund ($25,000) and 2018 G.O. Bond Issue ($350,000)

Cost: $375,000

Start date: Around June 1

Targeted completion: Mid- to late-August

Project overview:

  • Construction of a new concrete skate park at Lee Lake, located near Adams Boulevard and Silver Lake Road. The park will be located adjacent to and south of the parking lot at Daniels Fields soccer/cricket fields
  • Concrete skate course with street amenities and bowls

Veterans Park Playground

Contractor: Builders Unlimited

Budgeted amount: $158,882

Funding source: 2018 G.O. Bond Fund ($80,000); Community Development Block Grant Set Aside Program ($78,822)

Cost: $150,566

Start date: Late summer

Targeted completion: 8 weeks after start of construction

Project overview:

  • Jet fighter themed playground installation just east of the pavilion located southeast of Frontier Pool
  • Connecting sidewalks
  • Shade umbrella