Garage Sales

garage sale sign 2Garage sales are permitted 2 times every 3 months no longer than 3½ consecutive days per sale. As a part of that, there are limits on how many signs you can have and where you can place them.

You are permitted to have up to four garage sale signs: two on the property where the garage sale is being held, and two off-site on private property to provide direction to the garage sale. Where garage sale signs are placed off-site, you must have the approval of the abutting property owner before you can place the sign in the yard.  Garage sale signs are not to be attached to telephone poles, utility poles or street signs.  Signs are also not permitted to be placed in street islands or street medians, right-of-ways or easements.  Residents who post garage sale signs are responsible to remove them after the sale is over.  Failure to do so could result in a ticket being issued to the occupant of the property where the garage sale was held, requiring his/her appearance in municipal court.