New BPD software another tool in fighting crime

January 26, 2021

Bartlesville Police Department recently went live with a new software system — Tyler New World Public Safety — that will help bring information to dispatchers and patrol officers in real time as well as provide more accurate and timely crime statistics for reporting requirements and the public, Capt. Jay Hastings said Monday.

“Our previous system didn’t do a very good job of sorting and categorizing information, including crime statistics that are compiled by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for all Oklahoma jurisdictions and provided to the FBI,” Hastings said. “The Tyler system will do a much better job of that, which will in turn allow us to analyze our crime trends more accurately for planning purposes and for the public.”

Hastings said the OSBI’s reporting system has changed as of January of this year, requiring every law enforcement agency in the state to use “IBR,” or Incident Based Reporting.

“This style of reporting and information gathering is a lot more thorough than ‘UCR,’ or Uniform Crime Reporting, we were previously doing,” he said. “It is all submitted to OSBI electronically now and our new software came online just in time to meet these requirements.”

Hastings said the new system also shows “heat maps,” giving more accurate feedback on where crimes are occurring in the community.

“Of course, we’ll need to establish a history with the system, but once that is done you’ll be able to see ‘hot spots,’ or where crimes are occurring,” he said.

Perhaps the most important upgrade, however, is the ability to make information immediately available for dispatchers and officers as calls come in.

“It shows the information being acquired in real time,” Hastings said. “Officers in their cars can see exactly what dispatchers see as they are responding to calls. The system really improves communications between the dispatchers and the officers in the field. Dispatchers are able to put vital information into the computer which displays to the officers in the field rather than saying it over the radio.”

Hastings said the software is “map-driven” and utilizes the City’s GIS mapping system.

“When someone calls in, the map displays who and where the person is,” he said. “The only information that has to be verified is the person’s name and address.”

Hastings said the system went online Dec. 8, 2020, after 14 months of configuring and training. He said old data will be kept separate on the old system where it can be referenced rather than converting it to the new system.

“We started in November 2019,” Hastings said. “It has been a lot of work.

Hastings said the new system was designed for larger cities, whereas Bartlesville was one of the largest jurisdictions using the old system.

“The old system was not nearly as sophisticated,” he said. “The Tyler system is a great system.”

Tyler New World Public Safety is part of the City’s ongoing effort to implement Tyler systems for all of the City’s software needs. Upgrades have also been made to the financing and community development systems with plans to upgrade utility billing and fire department software next.

“This has been and continues to be a huge project and one that requires staff in every affected department to dedicate large blocks of time to implement these new systems,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “But having our systems capable of interfacing with each other has helped tremendously with continuity issues and streamlining City services for citizens. We look forward to the completion of the project and having these efficacies in place Citywide.”