Parsons Foundation awards grant for Tower Center at Unity Square

Local organization to give $60,000 for Tower Center at Unity Square project

The Parsons Foundation has awarded a $60,000 grant to the City of Bartlesville for the Tower Center at Unity Square, City Manager Mike Bailey announced today.

“We received unofficial notice today that the Parsons Foundation has awarded $60,000 in grant funding for the Tower Center at Unity Square project,” Bailey said. “By awarding this funding, the Foundation has helped to ensure that this project will fulfill the vision of the design committee, the Bartlesville City Council and the citizens of Bartlesville. We are beyond grateful and offer our sincere thanks to the members of the Parsons Foundation Committee.”

Voters approved $1.75 million for the downtown community green space project in the General Obligation Bond Election held March 6, 2018. The space will be located between the Price Tower and the Bartlesville Community Center, at Sixth Street and Dewey Avenue, and will be maintained and operated by both organizations. Silas Street in that area has been closed to facilitate the project.

Bailey said a campaign to accept donations for additions to the space will be announced soon.

“We are looking at how we can set up a public space that will make it easy for everyone who wants to donate,” he said. “If someone wants to donate $50, $100, $500 — whatever they want to donate — if they want to be part of this, we want to create a way for them to do that as easily as possible. We will finalize this quickly and get that information to the public very soon.”