Permits issued for Bison Trails Apartments

October 31, 2017

Phase 1 of development to see construction of 158 units

The City of Bartlesville Building & Permit Office recently issued permits for Phase 1 construction of the Bison Trails Apartment Development, Community Development Director Lisa Beeman said late last week. Ground breaking on the project took place on Oct. 27.

The development, which was recently approved as Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District No. 9, will be located near the northwest corner of Nowata Road and Bison Road.

“The development includes the construction of a high-quality, market rate multi-family residential complex of 158 dwelling units in 16 buildings, plus a community building/clubhouse and pool,” Beeman said. “It’s estimated at approximately $13.8 million in new private investment.”

Beeman said the development fees received by the City of Bartlesville for Phase I construction was almost $80,000.

“The City has to date received $79,916.45 in fees from Phase 1 of this project,” she said.

A future Phase 2 will involve the construction of an additional 134 dwelling units in 15 buildings — estimated at $11.5 million in private investment — for a total of 292 dwelling units.

“The project is estimated at approximately $25.3 million in new taxable investment,” Beeman said.

According to Community Development records, 44 percent, or 139 units, of the total will be one bedroom units, while 55 percent, or 162 units, will be two bedroom units.

As TIF District No. 9, the development receives public financing in an amount up to $2,103,800 for the installation of public infrastructure improvements that are required to serve the development. Those improvements include:

  • Water ($549,500)
  • Sanitary sewer ($575,000)
  • Storm sewer ($758,500)
  • Streets ($220,300)

Public financing to accommodate Phase 1 construction is estimated at $1,118,500. The remaining $985,300 will be provided with the construction of Phase 2 construction.