Police Department rolls out Pathfinder, bike patrol units

July 3, 2024

The Bartlesville Police Department will be able to patrol more of Bartlesville with the addition of a few new sets of wheels – and maybe not the kind you might expect.

The BPD recently established a new Park Police unit which will be dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of public parks and recreational areas. The BPD applied for and received a $23,250 grant from Phillips 66 earlier this year for a new parks/Pathfinder patrol vehicle, which is now in service. The newly acquired Daihatsu Hi-Jet will patrol along Pathfinder and area parks from sunup to sundown, seven days a week.

“This specialized team will focus on maintaining a safe environment for all park visitors, addressing community concerns, and preserving the natural beauty of our public spaces,” said Police Chief Kevin Ickleberry. “Their presence will be a vital part of the city’s ongoing commitment to promoting a welcoming and secure atmosphere for families, tourists, and local residents alike.”

Additionally, the unit will work closely with park management and local community groups to develop proactive strategies for crime prevention and environmental stewardship, Ickleberry said.

“We believe this initiative will not only enhance public safety but also encourage more residents and visitors to take advantage of our beautiful parks,” said Ickleberry.

Bike patrol

In addition to the Pathfinder unit, BPD has also added four Trek Police Service bicycles which BPD will utilize in City parks and along Pathfinder, as well as to patrol neighborhoods and the downtown area. All four bikes are equipped with lights and sirens, and officers will be equipped with helmets and a bicycle uniform.

“These units offer a proactive presence in the community that will allow our officers to interact more with citizens,” Ickleberry said. “The bike units can also lead to faster response times in certain situations, as the bikes can quickly navigate through traffic and crowded areas, or reach areas that may be difficult to access by car.”

BPD also plans to host special events in conjunction with the bike patrol unit, such as bicycle rides with cop/community bike rides and safety gear giveaways for children.