Q&A: Hillcrest Drive speed limit update; DC-3 tours possible

November 23, 2021

When are you going to increase the speed limit on Hillcrest?

Signs restoring the regular speed limit on the newly resurfaced Hillcrest Drive south of 20th Street should be placed later today or tomorrow, Director of Engineering Micah Siemers said earlier today. The speed reduction has been in place to accommodate workers on the road widening and resurfacing project. The resurfacing has been complete for some time, but contract crews remained in the area to complete the drainage portion of the project. Those repairs are nearly complete, Siemers said.

DC-3 tours?

I’m so excited to hear about the DC-3! How/when can the plane be viewed and/or toured in the hangar/on ground?

According to Bartlesville Airport Director Mike Richardson, airport officials have talked to the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team about setting up a hangar tour or static display but have not discussed the details fully.

“I expect sometime in the near future to be able to do this. We will update when this becomes a possibility,” Richardson said.

The 1941 Douglas DC-3, a propeller-driven aircraft used in the airline industry in the 1930s and in WWII in the 1940s, is being housed in Hangar 8 at Bartlesville Airport thanks to a lease agreement with the team, which was approved by the City Council last month. The team is a group of volunteer professional parachutists dedicated to recognizing and honoring World War II veterans.

New casino: Not a Bartlesville project

Can you give us some information on the new casino that is being built west of Bartlesville?

The new Cherokee Nation Casino location west of Bartlesville is outside the city limits (and Washington County), so permit applications, building plans, etc., are not submitted to or approved by the City of Bartlesville. Therefore, the City has no information on file about this Osage County project.

Stone Branch 3rd Addition

How many homes are going to be built off of Tuxedo just to the east of Park Hill? I heard they are going to be more of the tiny homes? True?

According to Community Development Assistant Director Greg Collins, the development along east Tuxedo Boulevard, across from the Adams Municipal Golf Course driving range, is a single-family residential development, Stone Branch 3rd Addition.

“The early phase of construction will include around 15 large lots in the interior of the property, ranging in size from approximately a half acre to two and a half acres to accommodate large, single-family detached homes,” Collins said. “Another, later phase of the development, closer to Tuxedo, would have lot sizes and homes similar to the existing homes on Beecher Lane to the west and the Prairie Ridge subdivision to the east. The entire addition is zoned Single-Family Residential, RS-7.”