Q&A: Business relocation; don’t blow grass onto public roadways

September 24, 2019

Has Coles Rentals on Madison Boulevard closed their doors or did they move?

According to the Community Development Department, Coles will be relocating to a location that has not yet been officially disclosed. A sign application for Re-Up marijuana dispensary has been approved for the vacated location.

There’s a law against that

You need to remind everyone that you’re not suppose to blow grass clippings in the street.

Reminder to everyone: Blowing/sweeping grass clippings onto a public roadway is a violation of city ordinances. The ordinance is enforced by the City’s codes enforcement department. Why aren’t more citations issued for this? Likely because a codes enforcement officer must see the violation occur before action can be taken. This means prompt reporting is essential for the ordinance to be enforced. The fastest way to get a complaint in front of the Neighborhood Services Division is to email it via the City’s website, www.cityofbartlesville.org (form is at the bottom of the page).