Q&A: Business not affected unless addressed in Covid-19 ordinance

March 24, 2020

Could you publish on the City website a list of local restaurants and phone numbers that offer carry-out or drive-up service?

The City does not have the (wo)manpower, given the current situation, to keep up with such a list. This request will be turned over to the task force that will be created to study this issue, however, for further consideration. Also note there is a list containing the status for Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce member restaurants on the BRCC website.

Not a fan of giving the police more power.

If you’re referring to the ordinance approved by the City Council Monday giving the Bartlesville police chief and Police Department the authority to “strictly enforce” Oklahoma‚Äôs prohibition against the willful exposure of those affected by contagious diseases in public places and thoroughfares as provided by Oklahoma law (say THAT three times fast), this law already exists and doesn’t actually give the police any more power than they already had. Why put it in the ordinance then? Just to make sure everyone’s aware of it.

Does this apply to department stores like Big Lots or Goodys?

If it isn’t specifically addressed in Ordinance No. 3525, it doesn’t apply at this time. Department stores are not included in the ordinance.

Tire stores? Nope. Liquor stores? Nope. Car dealerships? Nope. Lowes? Nope. The Pillow Factory? Nope.

Here’s a shortcut:

  • Bars of all types that do not offer products for consumption off-premises are CLOSED.
  • Bars, restaurants, breweries, etc. that do offer products for consumption off-premises are PARTIALLY CLOSED. These businesses may continue to operate utilizing take-out and delivery services, but customers are not allowed inside the facility.
  • Gyms, exercise facilities, bowling alleys, movie theaters and mall food courts are CLOSED.
  • Tattoo shops, massage therapists, barber shops, salons, spas, etc. may be open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. (See details above.)

Exceptions: Dining rooms of health care facilities, child care facilities, crisis shelters, soup kitchens.

Will the Tower Center at Unity Square still open on May 1?

Work continues at the construction site at Sixth Street and Dewey Avenue and plans for completion will continue to move forward. However, if Ordinance No. 3525 is extended by the City Council during its regularly scheduled April 6 meeting, opening festivities at the park will not be held.

Are we still having Operation Clean House?

At some point, hopefully. But the 2020 event, scheduled for April 18, has been postponed until further notice.

Will the City still do the free leaf collection May 4-8?

Yes. For details about this event, see Next free leaf, grass collection set for May 4-8.

What about the Citizens Police Academy?

Postponed. Another date will be set and announced in City Beat.