Q&A: Cherokee Bridge replacement, streets & seats

Could you please update us on the Cherokee Bridge replacement? I thought they would have already started construction by now. I guess the new name will be the “Delaware Bridge.”

The Highway 123 Bridge replacement is an Oklahoma Department of Transportation project, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. The project involves removing the current bridge, located over the Caney River on State Highway 123 (also known as Hensley Boulevard), and constructing a new bridge east of the current bridge to align the bridge intersection at Hensley and Delaware Avenue.

ODOT opened bids on the project in November 2021 and have awarded the contract to BECCO Contractors. Construction is anticipated to begin sometime this spring, possibly in May. ODOT has not provided a set start date yet, but ODOT staff is reportedly in the process of working with BECCO to finalize the construction schedule. City staff are in communication with ODOT about the project and will provide more information as soon as a start date is determined. Follow City Beat for updates on this project.

When are you doing that?

When is the City planning on fixing Minnesota between Madison and Highway 75 from the bond issue? And are there any plans in the works to repair Madison from Tuxedo north to Minnesota?

Funding for an overlay for Minnesota Street between Highway 75 and Madison Boulevard was approved by voters in the 2018 General Obligation Bond Election. The project is being coordinated with a water line extension project in the area, both of which are currently in the planning stage. There are plans to rework Madison from Tuxedo to Ohio, as approved in the 2020 G.O. Bond Election. Funding for this project is set for 2023.

Photo courtesy of Bartlesville Community Center

Is that done yet?

Have all the new seats been installed at the Bartlesville Community Center?

Almost. The project, approved by voters in the City’s Half-cent Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) Sales Tax Election, consists of upgrading 1,707 auditorium seats at the BCC. The seats are being installed in sections, 300 seats at a time. Contract crews are installing another round this week, so two more rounds are expected to wrap up the project. Total completion of the project is targeted for early March.