Q&A: Recycle options during City center shut-down

April 27, 2021

With the recycle center closed until the processing plant in Tulsa reopens, are there any other options for Bartlesville residents who still want to recycle?

As everyone has no doubt heard by now, the City’s recycle center, located at 10th Street and Virginia Avenue, is currently closed following a fire that damaged Tulsa Recycle and Transfer Center — where the City of Bartlesville takes recycle material for processing — earlier this month.

As a result of the closure, we’ve heard from several of you who would like recycling options while awaiting the reopening of TRT. The only local options continue to be either holding on to your recycling until TRT reopens or putting it into the refuse system (or sign up with a private service). However, there are a couple of not so local options for those willing to travel a bit. Thanks to a City Beat supporter who took the time to research potential alternatives for Bartlesville residents, two centers within 50 miles of Bartlesville are open and accepting recyclables: Collinsville M.E.T. Recycling Center and Owasso Recycling Center & Disposal Station. Contact information follows:

M.E.T. Recycling Center

11 locations; closest to Bartlesville: 306 W. Broadway, Collinsville

Items must be sorted

Accepted items: Nos. 1 and 2, plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass bottles, newspaper, office paper, magazines, phone books, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel cans, motor oil (5 gallon limit), cooking oil (5 gallon limit), eyeglasses and batteries (household and auto)




Owasso Recycling Center & Disposal Station

499 S Main, Owasso

Accepted items: Aluminum (beverage cans only), batteries (lead-acid and rechargeable), cardboard, cooking oil, fluorescent light bulbs (all types), glass (colored and clear), newspaper, paper (miscellaneous, paperboard, and shredded), passenger tires (no rims), phone books and magazines, plastics (Type Number 1, Type Number 2, and Type Number 5), scrap metal and used motor oil, antifreeze, grease, and hydraulic fluid (no brake fluid)




Disclaimer: This list may not be exhaustive and does not include for-profit organizations that continue to offer services despite the TRT shut-down. The City of Bartlesville does not recommend any particular recycle service and has no knowledge of these organizations beyond verifying that they are open and accepting items for recycle.

RA zoning required for goats

I would like to know about whether it’s possible to have small goats inside city limits. Could you get a permit for them if your neighbors were okay with it?

According to the Community Development Department, within the city limits of Bartlesville goats are only allowed on property that is zoned Residential Agriculture. There is no special zoning permit process for exceptions. For more information or to determine whether your property is zoned RA, contact the Community Development Department at 918.338.4286 or 918.338.4238.