Q&A: Supply chain issues cause delay in Lee Lake paddle boat project

May 10, 2022

Any news on the boat rentals supposedly coming to Lee Lake?

According to the Community Development Department, David Valdez, who owns the paddleboat business in question, is in the process of completing the dock but is on temporary hold awaiting materials from suppliers.

In July 2021, the City Council authorized a lease agreement with Valdez for the operation of the paddle boat rental business at the City-owned fishing lake, located at 2200 S.E. Adams Blvd. The agreement also permits the installation of privately-funded improvements at the lake to facilitate the business. Once complete, the improvements include the installation of a two-story floating dock that can anchor 10 paddle boats (or similar non-motorized vessels) for rental, as well as a pontoon boat from which business can be conducted.

The project was recommended to the council for approval by the City Parks Board, which consists of citizens and on which Vice Mayor Jim Curd serves as council liaison.

Bundled? Or just bundled?

I’ve never known exactly what it means to have your tree limbs “bundled” for the free cleanup week. Does that mean you need to tie something around them? And if so, what would be appropriate? Or can they just be bundled in a neat pile?

The City’s free yard debris collection is typically held each spring and fall to help Bartlesville solid waste utility customers dispose of leaves, grass, small branches and other yard debris at no extra cost to them. The event, which is underway this week, allows that limbs can be included if they are cut into lengths no longer than four feet and bundled, not to exceed 50 pounds. According to Public Works Department Keith Henry, “bundled,” at least in this case, means tied together, preferably with twine or rope.