Registration continues for recycling service

December 3, 2019

Ward 2 City Councilor Paul Stuart says Recyclops, a recycling service company based in Utah, still needs upwards of 70 people to sign up for the company to establish a service in the Bartlesville-Dewey area.

Recyclops , a Utah-based company that offers recycling services in rural areas across the U.S., lacks approximately 70 registrations required for the company to start a curbside collection program in Bartlesville, City Councilor Paul Stuart said this week.

The company, which currently provides service to 14 cities and counties in Utah, Arizona and Texas, requires a minimum customer base of 500. Recyclops hopes to begin servicing the Bartlesville and Dewey area for a $10 monthly fee once the 500 member threshold is met.

“According to Recyclops, we are up to 433 registrations — 421 in Bartlesville and 12 in Dewey. So we are at 87 percent,” Stuart said Monday.

He said that as of Monday, only 18 people had signed up for glass collection, which will cost customers an additional $5 per month. The company will implement glass collection only if 50 people sign up for the service.

Recyclops is a privately-owned company and is not associated with the City of Bartlesville.

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