Replenysh plans recycling event October 23

October 13, 2021

After a months-long dry spell, recycling is making a return to Bartlesville. California-based company Replenysh is planning to hold a communitywide event in Bartlesville on October 23 that will allow local residents to dispose of their recyclable items, some of which has been in storage since the City-owned drop-off center was closed earlier this year due to a fire at the Tulsa processing center.

“We’ve received calls from several people who have been holding on to their recyclable materials until we either reopen the City’s recycle center or provide an alternative,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “This event will give everyone an opportunity to dispose of their recyclable items quickly, responsibly, and locally.”

The event will be held 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Lee Lake parking lot, located at 2700 S.E. Adams Blvd.

Accepted materials

  • Plastic PET #1 containers​
  • Plastic PET #1 thermoforms​
  • Plastic HDPE #2 containers
  • Aluminum Cans​
  • Steel Cans​
  • Cardboard​
  • Glass Bottles

According to the company, anyone with space can become a Replenysh host and collect materials (from the public or their own staff or students, etc.

“Replenysh provides everything needed to store the materials and earn money from the materials collected,” a spokesperson from the company said Tuesday. “Members use the Replenysh app to find nearby host locations and drop off your material (separated by type). The material is picked up and sent directly to brands who will reuse the material in new products.”

Members can learn more about how to collect material for the event at Replenysh Academy at To join Replenysh, which is free, visit