Sales tax: January collection up 16 percent

January 11, 2022

January sales tax collections are up nearly 16 percent — or $262,000 over the same period last year, Chief Financial Officer/City Clerk Jason Muninger said Monday.

The increase continues an upward trend for returns over the past year, and in particular the last seven months.

“We’ve actually had above-average returns going back about a year,” Muninger said. “We have consistently had $1.8 million collections every month, with one $1.9 million month, for the past six months.”

Muninger said the January report is the first of two that represent holiday sales.

“The January and February reports reflect holiday sales, which are typically our two largest months,” he said. “The 16 percent increase is a very good indication for the season. Shopping locally really does make a difference, so we have citizens and visitors to our city to thank for these solid returns.”

The increases, which are being experienced throughout the state, are likely due to a combination of more local spending and an influx of government and tribal stimulus funding into the local economy.