Tower Center at Unity Square construction gets underway

July 30, 2019

Construction on the voter approved Tower Center at Unity Square project officially got underway this week. The community green space will be located at Sixth Street and Dewey Avenue, between the Bartlesville Community Center and Price Tower.

Work has been ongoing in the area to relocate water lines and make improvements to the storm and sanitary sewer systems to facilitate construction of the space, which will include a stage, landscaping and open space to accommodate upwards of 400 people. While construction continues on the storm improvements within the community center parking lot, the work necessary to facilitate construction on the Tower Center improvements is completed and construction has begun on the space, Water Utilities Director and Project Manager Terry Lauritsen said Monday.

Funding for the $1.75 million project is provided through the 2018 General Obligation Bond approved by voters in March 2018, as well as donations from the Lyon Foundation ($250,000), the Parsons Foundation ($60,000) and Arvest Bank ($10,000).

“The Tower Center at Unity Square is an extremely popular and important project for our city,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “Not only will it serve Bartlesville residents now and for generations to come, it will play a big role in making Bartlesville more appealing to potential residents and serve as an attractive venue for events that will help drive sales tax dollars back into the community.

“A lot of people have worked hard to see this project come to fruition, including members of the City Council and a number of citizens who supported the project from the beginning and served on the committees that helped make it a reality. But none of it would be possible if not for the vision of the voters who turned out to say ‘Yes’ to funding it. Today officially begins the journey to seeing this project come to life.”

Substantial construction is expected to take approximately six months to complete. Once construction is complete, the space will be maintained and operated by the BCC and Price Tower.