Q&A: Highways in Bartlesville responsibility of ODOT

July 20, 2021

Are there any plans in the near future to improve Adams from Silver Lake Road to the overpass? The potholes in this stretch of road are an embarrassment to the city.

What we call Adams Boulevard, from the overpass to the western city limits, is also U.S. Highway 60. Highway 60 is owned and maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, not the City of Bartlesville. This also applies to the entire length (in Bartlesville) of Washington Boulevard, which is U.S. Highway 75, and to Hensley Boulevard, which is State Highway 123. US-60 is included in ODOT’s “8-year Plan” for reconstruction/repairs and is scheduled for funding in Federal Fiscal Year 2025.

Other local projects included in the 8-year plan are:

Funding: Federal Fiscal Year 2021

  • U.S. Highway 75 from Turkey Creek Bridge north to Eastland Parkway ($113,000)
  • State Highway 123 over the Caney River, 1.7 miles north of the SH-123/US-60 junction ($8,480,000)
  • State Highway 123 over an unnamed creek, 2.9 miles northeast of the US-60/SH-123 junction ($2,181,000)
  • U.S. Highway 75 from four miles south of U.S. Highway 60 extended north 5.5 miles ($5,665,000)

Funding: FFY 2022

  • The right of way and utility design ($21,218 each) portions of the US-60 reconstruction from State Highway 123 east 3.71 miles are slated for funding in FFY 2022.

Funding: FFY 2023

  • U.S. Highway 60 over U.S. Highway 75 ($3,444,400)

Funding: FFY 2025

  • U.S. Highway 60 from State Highway 123 east 3.71 miles ($16,695,000)

See the full 8-year Plan at www.oklahoma.gov. See ODOT’s website for contact information.

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