Capital Elections 2020: FAQ, Projects

June 3, 2020

General Obligation Bond 2020

Capital Improvement Projects sales tax extension


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this, when is it and who can vote?

Registered voters who reside within the city limits of Bartlesville will have the opportunity to decide funding for several proposed community projects and other improvements during elections set for Aug. 25. Voters will decide passage of a General Obligation Bond Issue and an extension of the half-cent Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) sales tax.

Will approval of this bond issue increase my taxes?

No. Approval of these projects will not result in an increase in taxes. G.O. bonds are funded through ad valorem, or property taxes, which are paid by Bartlesville property owners. CIP funds come from the half-cent CIP sales tax. The City’s mil levy would remain at 15 with approval of the G.O. Bond Issue, which would have no impact on ad valorem taxes. Approval of the CIP extension would result in no change in sales tax.

How much will this cost?

Voters will consider projects proposed for G.O. Bond funding in four categories: Public Safety Buildings and Equipment, Municipal Buildings and Equipment, Streets and Bridges, and Parks and Recreation. G.O. Bond projects total $16.4 million, which includes the “cost to issue” the bonds (COI), and will be issued over a period of three years. CIP projects total $13.7 million. Approval would extend the tax, supported by voters since 1990, for another five years.

How are the projects decided?

At any given time, the City of Bartlesville has a working list of capital needs that total over $100 million. City staff and citizen committees narrow the list and then the City Council is tasked with determining the bond amount and deciding which projects will be put before voters in an election. This process was recently completed, and now it’s time for the voters to decide.

How much are these projects by category?

The funding breaks down as follows:

Public safety buildings and equipment — $6,326,500

Municipal buildings and equipment — $4,686,500

Streets and bridges — $13,373,500

                                      Parks and recreation — $5,353,500

                                      Drainage — $375,000

What are “70 percent” and “30 percent” projects?

Oklahoma law requires that 70 percent of the projects in each category be specified in the ordinance calling for a G.O. bond election. The law also requires that these projects be completed with the bond funds. The remaining 30 percent are “discretionary” and do not have to be specified in the ordinance, nor is completion required. However, the City of Bartlesville has completed all projects identified as “30 percent projects” in the past. While this law does not apply to the CIP election, the City handles these projects in a similar manner in an effort to simplify the process as much as possible and maintain complete transparency.

While this law does not apply to the CIP election, the City handles these projects in a similar manner in an effort to simplify the process as much as possible and maintain complete transparency.

To view details of projects to be completed using bond proceeds dating back to 2005, see Bond Transparency Act of 2017 – Notice (Bartlesville 08-25-2020 election)

Proposed Capital Projects Election 2020

Total project cost: $30,115,000


General Obligation Bond Issue

Project cost total – $16,075,000

Cost of Issuance – $325,000

Total Estimated Cost – $16,400,000

Duration – Three years

Public Safety Buildings and Equipment

70 percent projects

Emergency communications infrastructure/radio system — $2,040,000

This would fund a new radio system that will replace the older VHF radio system and improve coverage locally and statewide for police officers. This is a standard radio system the State of Oklahoma has built out into many areas of the state. Bartlesville is just outside the range of the statewide system. Adding a local 800 MHz site will also benefit other state agencies such as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. These agencies would use the same system, once it is built in Bartlesville. A local digital trunking radio system will provide more radio channels for local public safety to use in Bartlesville on a repeater system.

95-foot tower/ladder truck and equipment — $1,211,300

The tower/ladder truck will replace the Fire Department’s 1975 Snorkel truck, which is nearly 50 years old and does not meet current National Fire Protection Agency standards. The new truck will ensure that the department’s fire safety measures are up to date and that operating capabilities meet the requirements and recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association.

30 percent projects

Firehouse software replacement — $388,000

This software would allow the Bartlesville Fire Department to track call response times and other data required by the State of Oklahoma.

Central Fire Station roof replacement (old portion) — $157,500

Central Fire Station, located at 601 S. Johnstone Ave., was expanded several years ago as part of the voter-approved Public Safety Complex project which also included construction of the police station to the south. This funding will be used to replace the patched portions of the old roof that was not updated with the expansion.

Replace roof at fire stations No. 3 and No. 4 — $94,400

This project consists of replacing the roofs at fire stations No. 3, located at 100 E. Madison Blvd., and No. 4, located at 3501 Price Road. The existing roofs will be replaced with standing seam metal roofs.

GPS/camera parking enforcement system — $76,500

This system will allow the Police Department to implement a more efficient system for parking enforcement in the downtown area as it eliminates the need for marking tires with chalk and electronically manages the location and time duration of vehicles parked on public streets. The system will also alert for warrants, provide vehicle registration and other information.

Central Fire Station fire ceiling insulation — $25,500

This project involves installing insulation in the ceiling of the original apparatus bays at Central Fire Station to minimize heat transfer between the bays and the new Fire Administration offices that were constructed above the bays as part of the voter approved renovation and expansion of the station in 2015.

Operations server room generator — $51,000

This would fund the purchase of a generator to supply power to a secondary off-site backup facility.  The generator would allow continuous power to run critical software during power outages

GO Bond Public Safety Buildings & Equipment: $4,044,200

Municipal buildings and equipment

70 percent projects

City Hall window replacement — $306,000

The single-paned windows/seals at City Hall are more than 50 years old and need to be replaced. Replacement would make it easier to heat and cool the building and save in utility costs.

Equipment shed — $185,500

This open-sided shed will be used to house equipment at the City Operations Center, which includes Public Works (Parks, Streets and Sanitation) and Water and Waste Water departments.

Library chiller replacement (2) — $170,800

Plans for this project include installation of two chillers at staggered intervals.  This will allow cooling capacity during future maintenance and repair if needed.

City Hall boiler replacement — $135,000

The boiler at City Hall, which carries a life expectancy of about 15 years, was installed in 1999 and requires frequent repairs and replacement of parts that are difficult to acquire. This money would fund a full boiler replacement.

Library skylight replacement — $128,000

The Bartlesville Public Library’s original skylight, which is made of acrylic, is more than 30 years old and is in need of replacement.

Library roof repair — $102,000

The existing standing-seam roof is in need of repair.

30 percent projects

Paint striper — $224,500

This equipment is used by the Street Department to stripe the city’s streets. It would replace the equipment that is currently used, which is outdated and no longer capable of producing quality work.

Front-mount mowers (4) — $102,000

These mowers are used by the Parks Department to maintain rights-of-way and larger parks. The new mowers will replace existing equipment that is in disrepair.

20-foot Starlight Dovetail trailer — $3,000

This trailer is needed for the Community Development Department Neighborhood Services Division Abatement Program..

GO Bond Municipal Buildings & Equipment: $1,356,800

Streets and Bridges

70 percent projects

Bridge rehabilitation for Tuxedo Boulevard over Caney River (No. 5 and No. 6) — $1,234,500

This project involves the twin bridges on Tuxedo Boulevard over the Caney River. The bridge for westbound traffic is in need of a deck rehabilitation/reconstruction and replacement of beam bearings. Preventative maintenance work, including patching the beams, piers and pier caps, would also be done to the eastbound traffic bridge while the project is underway.

Bridge rehabilitation for Sunset Boulevard over Butler Creek (No. 16) — $1,020,000

Temporary patching has been done to the existing bridge on Sunset Boulevard over Butler Creek until more extensive repairs can be made. This project would provide a full rehabilitation and deck reconstruction in addition to maintenance work on the piers and pier caps.

Yale asphalt rebuild (Adams to Frank Phillips) — $867,000

Yale Avenue in this area is a concrete street in need of complete concrete panel replacement. Due to the extensive damage and cost of panel replacement, a more cost effective asphalt reconstruction is planned. Some curb and gutter will be replaced as well.

Crestland concrete panel rehab including Baylor Place (Baylor Place to Adams Boulevard) — $775,500

Located near Madison Middle School, this area is heavily used by school buses and other traffic and is in need of repair.

Wilshire and Waverly concrete panel rehab (Frank Phillips to State) — $561,000

These streets are heavily used by neighborhood traffic. The southern halves of both streets are in poor condition and will be targeted for concrete panel rehabilitation in this project.

Delaware asphalt mill and overlay (Fifth Street to Hillcrest Drive) — $536,000

Delaware Avenue, which carries bus traffic serving Central Middle School, is in need of repair.

Bridge rehabilitation for Tuxedo over Caney River overflow (Bridge No. 9) — $331,500

This overflow bridge is located just east of the twin bridges on Tuxedo Boulevard over the Caney River, which are also targeted for repairs. The bridge has steel piers that are in need of repair due to corrosion issues.  This will be a preventative maintenance project to avoid future deterioration.

Oakdale concrete panel rehabilitation (Brookside Parkway to Woodland) — $280,500

Oakdale is a concrete street that is a major connection between the east side of Woodland Park and the west side of Woodland Park.  This street carries a substantial amount of neighborhood traffic.  This project will complete recent rehabilitation of Oakdale from Nowata Road to Woodland Road.

Braddock asphalt mill and overlay (Claremont to Camelot) — $204,000

Braddock is the first east/west street into Colonial Estates from Camelot if entering the subdivision from Washington Boulevard.  This street, heavily used to access the north end of the subdivision, is in need of repair.

30 percent projects

Highland concrete panel with mill and overlay (Sunset to Aledo) — $586,500

This is a two-part project consisting of both asphalt and concrete.  Highland is one of the primary access points for the north end of Oak Park off Sunset Boulevard.

Dewey asphalt mill and overlay (Adams to 16th Street) — $382,500

Dewey Avenue, one of the primary routes from downtown to the neighborhoods south of Adams Boulevard, is in need of repair.

Indiana, Morningside, Roselawn and Katherine asphalt overlay (Interurban to Indiana) — $377,500

This projects includes rehabilitation of Morningside, Roselawn and Katherine from Interurban to Indiana and also includes Indiana from Roselawn to Debell.

Southport asphalt mill and overlay (Quarry Park to Clipper Court) — 270,500

Southport is the only point of access to a number of residential properties east of Washington Boulevard.  A portion of this street was reconstructed when the new signalized intersection at Camelot and Washington Boulevard was constructed 10 years ago.  The remaining portion of this street is in disrepair and needs to be rehabilitated.

Quail Ridge asphalt mill and overlay (Adams to Baylor) — $255,000

This project includes rehabilitation of Quail Ridge and also Abbey Road, Dover Court, Dorsett Drive, Dorsett Court, and Baylor Drive between Quail Ridge and Bison Road.

Madison asphalt overlay (Tuxedo Boulevard to water tower) — $229,500

Madison Boulevard is an aged asphalt street in need of maintenance.  This project will include approximately a half-mile asphalt overlay on Madison.

Cambridge asphalt mill and overlay (Rice Creek to Williamsburg) — $229,500

Cambridge is one of the primary access points into Colonial Estates from Rice Creek Road and is in need of repair.

Clear Creek asphalt mill and overlay — $132,500

Clear Creek is an isolated subdivision located near the southwest corner of Bison Road and Tuxedo Boulevard with one way in and out.  The entire asphalt loop through the subdivision has deteriorated and needs repair.

GO Bond Streets & Bridges: $8,273,500

Parks and Recreation

70 percent projects

Indoor tennis/pickleball courts — $459,000

This would fund the modification of two tennis courts at Johnstone Park (next to the Richard Kane YMCA) to allow indoor tennis and pickleball play. The courts will be enclosed with a steel structure designed for future expansion of the indoor space.

Lighting for Robinwood Park Soccer Fields — $357,000

Light poles from the Price Fields Complex will be repurposed and used to install lighting at the Robinwood Park Soccer Fields. This funding is needed to complete the project on the south three fields.

Johnstone Park ring road, roundabout, access drives and angled parking — $280,500

This project includes the construction of a roundabout near the entrance of the Johnstone Park playground (east of Kiddie Park) at the existing T intersection and improvements to the ring road circling the playground, as well as the park’s access drives. Existing gravel parking inside the park will be upgraded as well.

Sooner Park parking lots (including Sooner Pool) — $255,000

This project includes paving existing gravel and deteriorated asphalt parking lots at Sooner Park.

Sooner Park ring road and access drives — $204,000

This will address the existing ring road circling Sooner Pool and the area north of it, possibly including two-way traffic and extending the Pathfinder trail from the east into the park area.

Basketball court with gaga ball pit — $102,000

This project consists of construction of a basketball court with a gaga ball pit at Sooner Park.

Jo Allyn Lowe parking lots — $87,000

The parking lot on the east side of Jo Allyn Lowe Park, which is located on Price Road, would be upgraded to a paved parking lot rather than gravel and these funds would also be used to rehabilitate the parking lot on the west side of the park.

Douglass Park shelter — $81,500

This project will consist of construction of an open sided steel shelter at Douglass Park similar to those that have recently been constructed at Civitan Park and Sooner Park.

Sooner Park restroom remodel — $81,500

Both restrooms inside the park would be remodeled with this funding.

Bicycle signage — $40,500

This funding will provide signage along existing bicycle routes located in several areas of the city. The project is one of several outlined in the City’s recently updated Bicycle Safety Action Plan.  The project will also incorporate shared bike lane striping as funds allow.

Lyon Park access drive/parking — $12,500

The parking lot and access drive at Lyon Park, located at 100 N.E. Choctaw, would be improved with this funding.

30 percent projects

Greens rebuild — $714,000

This project includes rebuilding nine of the 18 holes at Adams Golf Course.  The greens at Adams have exceeded their design life and need to be rehabilitated.

Civitan Park berm/fence — $51,000

This funding would be used to construct a berm and install fencing at Civitan Park, located at 1430 S.E. Silver Lake Road, to serve as a physical and visual barrier between the park and adjacent traffic.

GO Bond Parks & Recreation: $2,725,500


CIP half-cent sales tax

Total project cost – $13,715,000

Projected revenue – $13,715,000

Duration – Five years

Public Safety buildings & equipment

70 percent projects

Police emergency vehicle replacement (8) — $1,450,000

This allows for the purchase of eight new police vehicles per year so that older models requiring costly repairs can be rotated out of service. The replacement program targets vehicles that are seven years or older.

Police emergency vehicle equipment/labor — $580,000

This will fund equipment and labor required to ready police vehicles for use. The process includes the installation of sirens, lighting, technology and other equipment used by police officers.

Body-worn cameras — $100,000

This is part of an ongoing program to equip police officers with body-worn cameras. This funding would be used to purchase 10 cameras per year for the duration of the five-year CIP period.

30 percent projects

Taser lease/purchase — $85,300

This will fund the lease/purchase of 55 new tasers per year to replace older/non-functioning equipment. Tasers are available as an option to police officers when non-lethal force is required.

24-hour dispatch chairs — $24,000

Bartlesville Police Department E-911 dispatchers handle all incoming calls and dispatch emergency services in Washington County, including the Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County Emergency Management, Bartlesville Ambulance and several rural fire departments. The Dispatch Center is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This funding would be used to purchase three specialized chairs per year during the CIP period that are built to withstand constant use and allow dispatchers to sit more comfortably for long periods of time.

Dispatch radio computers (4) — $25,000

Dispatch computers are used to communicate radio traffic to law enforcement. The computers used currently are eight years old.

Dispatch UPS — $18,000

This battery backup unit would provide one central unit that would be easy to maintain and monitor and have the ability to run all equipment.

Operations server room upgrade — $30,000

This upgrade would install an A/C unit and Battery Backup units, creating a controlled environment for a fully functioning backup location for critical software operations.

CIP Public Safety: $2,282,300

Municipal buildings & equipment

70 percent projects

General Fund vehicle replacement — $1,425,000

This program was established to allow for the replacement of General Fund fleet vehicles, or vehicles for which a separate fund does not exist, over the course of the CIP period in an effort to minimize costly repairs for aging vehicles and to reduce safety concerns associated with vehicles in disrepair. This program applies to all City departments except police and fire. The targeted age of vehicles eligible for replacement is eight years or older.

City Hall roof repair — $70,500

The flat roof at City Hall is in need of maintenance. These funds would be used for point repairs and a new coat of fibered aluminum on the entire roof.

30 percent projects

Tractor (2) — $132,000

This will fund two tractors to be used by the Parks Department.  Typically these tractors are used to mow public rights-of-way and larger open spaces in some of the parks.

Zero-turn mowers (5) — $50,000

This would fund five zero-turn mowers for the Parks Department.

Finish mower (2) — $44,000

This would fund two finish mowers for the Parks Department.

Trim and surround mower — $40,100

This mower will be used to cut the rough around greens and tee areas at Adams Golf Course.

T-mower — $32,700

This is a reeltype mower that cuts grass at half an inch without scalping the grass. It would be used to mow the Adams Golf Course’s five acres of tees and the collars around the greens.

Deck mower — $31,100

This mower would be used at Adams Golf Course to cut around trees and small areas that larger mowers cannot get into.

Greens mower — $28,700

This mower would be used to mow the three acres of greens at Adams Golf Course. Used six days per week, this is a reeltype mower that cuts at one-quarter of an inch.

Heavy duty utility vehicle — $28,100

This is a general purpose use vehicle that would be used to haul dirt, sand and other materials around Adams Golf Course.

Rough mower tractor — $25,700

This mower would be used at Adams Golf Course to pull the club’s 11-foot rough mower.

Brush hog — $22,000

This equipment would be used in the Parks Department.

Lightweight utility carts (2) — $20,500

This funding would be used to purchase two utility carts for the maintenance crew at Adams Golf Course.

Top dresser — $15,500

This equipment would be used at Adams Golf Course to spread a heavy coat of sand onto the greens and fill the holes during the airification process.

Bunker rake — $15,500

This equipment would be used to rake and smooth the sand traps at Adams Golf Course.

Z411KW348 Kubota zero-turn mower — $6,500

This mower is needed for the Community Development Department Neighborhood Services Division Abatement Program.

DR Pro 26 14.5 HP brush mower — $3,000

This equipment would be used by the Community Development Department for the Neighborhood Services Division Abatement Program.

Annual IT equipment replacement (PC’s, monitors, etc.) — $300,000

This is part of an ongoing program that replaces staff computers and equipment on a five-year rotation. Keeping staff supplied with better equipment allows them to provide more efficient service. This funding will be allocated at $60,000 per year over the CIP period for equipment upgrades.

Virtual desktop server replacement — $160,000

The City currently utilizes virtual desktops in multiple departments. These systems are easier to maintain and manage than a regular computer. This funding would be used to replace the three existing servers on which the virtual computers reside, including new servers, licensing and new end user terminals.

City Hall cooling tower replacement — $126,500

The City Hall cooling tower cools water for operation of the building’s air conditioning system. The existing tower has become a maintenance issue, making it difficult to reliably heat and cool the building.

Miscellaneous building improvements — $125,000

This would provide $25,000 per year over the CIP period for improvements to City-owned buildings and facilities. A similar allotment of funds is part of the current CIP program and used each year to cover repairs and maintenance needs throughout the year.

Citywide Microsoft Office upgrades — $82,500

Currently the City has several different versions of Office. This update would put all City computers on the same level of office software.

Community Center security system replacement — $78,000

The existing security system and cameras at the Bartlesville Community Center are outdated and inadequate.  These funds would be used to bring that system up to date.

Community Center speaker replacement — $75,000

The existing sound system components at the Bartlesville Community Center are generally outdated.  These funds will be used to bring the system up to date.

Sharepoint server — $60,000

This will allow the City to have an internal website with shared file access, creating a more secure network environment.

Secondary site server relocation/refresh — $57,000

This would allow the City to have a secondary off-site location for critical operations software by upgrading and relocating existing equipment.                             

Upgrade City servers (8) — $45,000

This would provide eight core City operating servers. The City currently has 80 virtual servers running on these server boxes. Adding memory and hard drives to these servers will help with future growth of police software and body-cam footage storage.

City Hall carpet replacement — $39,200

This funding would be used to finish carpet replacement on the second and third floors of City Hall, as well as the Accounting and Finance offices on the first floor.

Exchange server license and user license upgrade (370) — $35,000

This will allow for the replacement of email software and user licensing at end of life.

Core phone system upgrade — $35,000

Currently the City utilizes two older hardware devices to route calls. This system would replace both units and upgrade phone software.

Library server replacement (2) — $30,000

Both of these servers are end of life and are running a software system that is no longer supported.

City Hall server room A/C replacement/upgrade — $25,000

The current A/C unit is 12 years old and runs 24 hours a day. Upgrading this unit would continue to provide years of uninterrupted cooling to equipment critical to the City’s operation.

Citywide camera update/addition (12) — $18,600

This update would replace cameras that no longer function correctly and add additional cameras at necessary locations.

Plan review tables (2) — $17,000

Plan review tables provide the technology needed for City staff in reviewing development and infrastructure plans and will be used to streamline the plan review and permitting process.

CIP Municipal Buildings & Equipment: $3,329,700

Streets & Bridges

70 percent projects

Street repair/reconstruction/preventative maintenance (priority) — $4,500,000

This funding is used to complete repairs and reconstruction as well as preventative maintenance projects for the city’s streets. Street projects slated for this funding are selected each year as part of the CIP Budget process based on recommendations from the citizen-driven Street and Traffic Committee, citizen complaints and requests and staff assessment.

30 percent projects

Street repair/reconstruction/preventative maintenance (Discretionary) — $500,000

This funding is utilized as above but for “discretionary” projects rather than “priority” projects. Discretionary projects may not be completed in the event funds become unavailable for any reason.

Update Pavement Condition Model/Street Sign Assessment — $100,000

Long-term street repair and preventative maintenance planning is based on the Pavement Management Analysis Report, an in-depth report on the condition of the city’s streets and how to best manage repairs and rehabilitation based on an analysis performed by IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) of Tempe, Ariz. A premise of the report is that streets that have not yet begun showing extreme signs of disrepair be upgraded as part of a preventative maintenance program, which has proven to be more cost effective for taxpayers. The report is typically updated once every six years; however, the current report was last updated in 2012. A Street Sign Assessment is planned at the same time so that street signs can be repaired or replaced in a similar fashion.

CIP Streets & Bridges: 5,100,000

Parks & Recreation

70 percent projects

Downtown landscape improvements — $800,000

This funding would complete areas identified for beautification in the downtown area several years ago, including Johnstone Avenue, Fourth Street and remaining work on Frank Phillips Boulevard and Dewey Avenue.  The goal of the downtown landscaping plan is to reduce maintenance cost of the downtown landscaping by simplifying the number and type of plantings and beds while also improving the aesthetics.

Pathfinder Parkway  maintenance/repair — $257,000

Pathfinder Parkway consists of 12 miles of asphalt pathway located throughout Bartlesville. This priority funding ensures money is available for repairs and/or expansion of the existing path.

Sooner Pool liner epoxy repair — $200,000

Sooner Pool is a concrete swimming pool that has an epoxy and plaster lining.  These linings need to be redone periodically.  These funds would be used to repair the liner.

Artunoff softball field/Lee Lake parking lot — $160,000

The Lee Lake Complex is located on Adams Boulevard just east of Silver Lake Road and consists of the city’s only urban fishing lake as well as Cooper Dog Park, soccer fields and the city’s only cricket field. Some existing funds are available to replace the existing parking lot with a paved lot.  These funds would be used at Lee Lake if needed to support current funding.  Any remaining funds would be used to pave the parking lot at the Artunoff softball field, located at Johnstone Avenue north of Cudahy.

Oak Park basketball court — $100,000

The current basketball court at Oak Park is a repurposed tennis court that is in disrepair.  These funds would be used to completely reconstruct a full-size basketball court with additional goals located on the perimeter for half-court functionality.

Douglass Park parking lot — $50,000

These funds would be used to resurface the Douglass Park parking lot, located at 509 S.W. Bucy Avenue.

30 percent projects

Sunset Pathfinder extension and pedestrian bridge — $400,000

This multi-phased project consists of eventually widening Sunset Boulevard, which borders the western boundaries of Bartlesville, and constructing a bicycle/jogging trail from Hensley Boulevard to Oak Park Road and a pedestrian bridge over Butler Creek. This funding would kick the project off with construction of the pedestrian bridge, tying the existing trail to the bridge and extending it north to Oak Park Road.

Lifecycle replacement of playground wood mulch — $250,000

Wood mulch is used at the City’s parks to act as a cushion and meet safety requirements for fall heights on playground equipment. The mulch deteriorates and erodes over time and needs to be supplemented.  These funds would be used at a rate of $50,000 each year over the CIP period to keep up with loss and degradation of the playground mulch.

Frontier Pool liner epoxy repair — $100,000

Frontier Pool is constructed of concrete with an epoxy liner.  These liners need to be replaced periodically. These funds would replace the existing liner.

Lifecycle replacement of park amenities — $75,000

This funding would provide $15,000 per year for the CIP period for the replacement of park amenities such as benches, picnic tables and other items in local parks.

Security lighting in parks — $75,000

One of the primary complaints the City receives about the parks is lack of adequate lighting for safety. These funds would be used to begin installing lighting in parks to increase safety.

Replacement of shade structures at Sooner and Frontier Pools — $60,000

The shade structures at Sooner Pool and Frontier Pool consist of a durable fabric stretched over and between decorative steel frames.  The material has a life expectancy as it is subjected to the elements for months at a time.  These funds will be used to replace existing shade structure material.

JoAllyn Lowe turf reestablishment — $50,000

Turf reestablishment is needed at the park, located at 2600 S.E. Price Road, due to erosion issues. The cost also includes the removal of at least two damaged trees, which will allow for more sunlight needed for the grass to grow between the pond and the west parking lot.

Replace roof on north end of Pro Shop at Adams Golf Course — $30,000

These funds would be used to replace the roof over the Pro Shop at Adams Golf Course, which is the only portion of the Pro Shop roof that has not been renovated.  The roof is in need of replacement.

Irrigation control system — $21,000

Adams Golf Course has an extensive irrigation system. The existing control system for the irrigation is outdated and needs to be replaced to facilitate more efficient irrigation of the course and reduce current maintenance requirements of the system.

CIP Parks & Recreation: $2,628,000


30 percent projects

Choctaw Drainage — $250,000

The Choctaw Drainage system is an open channel system located in the area of 13th Street and Choctaw. This funding would replace a culvert underneath Choctaw that is in disrepair and address erosion issues on the open channel located along 13th Street and Choctaw Avenue.

Drainage materials — $125,000

This funding would provide $25,000 per year for the CIP duration to be used by the Public Works Department to complete drainage projects on an as-needed basis.

CIP Drainage: $375,000
To view a PowerPoint presentation of these elections, see Capital Elections 2020 PP Presentation.