City Council OKs contract for street repairs, authorizes TIF committee action

The Bartlesville City Council on Monday authorized a contract in the amount of $386,877 to Triangle Construction & Utility for the Nebraska Street Renovation project. The renovation includes a concrete panel replacement on Nebraska from U.S. Highway 75 to Meadowlark Avenue.

The project will also include widening a portion of the road and replacing an existing stormwater crossing structure located just east of Avondale with a new drivable RCB structure.

The bid approved by the council is $13,123 below the budgeted amount of $400,000.

TIF Committee to review proposed retirement district

The council voted unanimously to authorize the Tax Increment Review Committee to consider the creation of TIF District No. 12 for the “Wellington at Hillcrest Village” — a development consisting mostly of various stages of assisted care for retirees — near Nowata Road and Silver Lake Road.

The district was approved several years ago as TIF No. 7, but the development did not occur due to the recession, developer Frank Rees told the City Council on Monday. City consultant Nate Ellis of the Public Finance Law Group recommended that District No. 7 be terminated Bartlesville Retirement Terminate TIF #7 Public Hearing Notice  and a new district, proposed District No. 12 Hillcrest Public Hearing Notice, be considered due to the time lapse and the developer’s request for additional public financing.

The TIF Committee, which consists of representatives from each of the city’s taxing jurisdictions, will begin reviewing the matter and consider recommending approval to the City Council. If the project advances, two public hearings will be held on the matter before final approval is considered by the council.

In a separate matter, the council voted to approve amending TIF District No. 9 for “Bison Trails,” a residential development on south Bison Road, to extend the length of district, thereby leaving the option for a longer pay-out.  Public Hearing Notice -Amendment to Bison Trails

Council hears presentation on longterm Tree Plan

The council also heard a presentation from retired City Forrester Chuck Parkin regarding a 20-year tree planting and care program for the City’s park system. Funding for the study was included in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year budget.

The plan provides recommendations and guidance on:

  • Desirable and undesirable trees to be planted in the parks, and why
  • Best tree planting practices
  • Establishment of a city tree nursery
  • Hiring and duties of a full-time city forester
  • Specific tree planting plans and special concerns and considerations for each City park, including recommended tree planting locations, irrigation systems, and estimated materials costs
  • Recommendations on timing and scheduling of these activities.

The plan was reviewed by the Park Board, which recommended that it be accepted by the City Council.