City Council OKs new Covid-19 ordinance

May 1, 2020

Measures set to phase out with progression of OURS plan

The Bartlesville City Council on Thursday voted to adopt a new City ordinance pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new ordinance largely aligns local mitigation measures with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” (OURS) plan released last week.

Previously enacted City ordinances contained some measures that were in conflict with the governor’s plan and were set to expire following the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting on May 4. The Thursday meeting allowed the council to act prior to May 4 so that local measures could align with the OURS plan.

“The new ordinance essentially allows us to keep the measures previously enacted by the council that are not specifically outlined in the governor’s OURS plan as well as remove measures that were in conflict with the plan,” said City Manager Mike Bailey. “It also includes the governor’s phased approach and allows for City measures to drop off as the OURS plan progresses.”

The governor’s OURS plan is set to be implemented in three phases, each occurring once hospital and incident rates remain at a manageable level for 14 more days, as determined by the State. The first of the phases, which included permitting the opening of personal care businesses, went into effect April 24 and also includes allowing restaurants, gyms and some other businesses to reopen for dine-in service today.

“The council took great care to include very specific measures for local businesses relating to occupancy and other social distancing practices,” Bailey said. “This is consistent with our phased approach to reopening our local economy and maintain the precautions necessary to protect our citizens.”

See phase details here: Covid-19 Phases

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