City launches software management system

January 7, 2020

Permit, building services applications now available online

The Community Development Department this week launched a project that will make it easier for citizens to do business with the City of Bartlesville.

The project involves the establishment of an e-Services tool — an online web portal for citizen service, which can be found on the City’s website,

The first phase of e-Services went live Monday after 10 months under development.

“This is one part of the City’s implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that effectively manages and integrates all the various software functions of the different departments of the City into one system that allows us to streamline processes and share information across City departments,” said Community Development Director Lisa Beeman.

The establishment of the e-Services portal is part of the Community Development Department’s launch of EnerGov, a platform specifically designed to automate the services offered by the department including permitting, planning, regulatory management, inspections and code enforcement. The e-Service portal is part of an on-going effort to improve customer service and create efficiencies for both citizens and City personnel.

Online services offered through e-Services at this time include only Community Development-related services but will be expanded in the coming months to include additional services offered by the City such as business licensing — new licenses and renewals — and reporting problems such as street maintenance issues, codes violations and other matters.

The department’s implementation of EnerGov will make obtaining a permit or license much easier, Beeman said, as the new system streamlines the process, saving citizens steps and time. For instance, currently citizens seeking business licenses, permits and other planning, zoning and building services must visit the Community Development Department at City Hall, located at 401 S.Johnstone Ave., for each stage of the project — often making multiple trips to various departments before their needs are met.

“Previously, someone requesting a permit or business license, for instance, was required to come into City Hall and visit our department, then go downstairs and pay and bring the receipt back upstairs so the permit or license could be issued. This system eliminates that extra step,” Beeman said.

Perhaps most beneficial to citizens, the improved services offered by EnerGov can also be accessed through the e-Services portal to accommodate those who prefer to do business online. Beeman said users need only go to the City’s website to create an e-Services online account.

“By signing into this portal citizens can request most Community Development Department-related permits and applications, including electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits, and request building inspections online,” she said, “Though not available immediately, within the coming months citizens will be able to apply for and renew business-related licenses online as well.”

Once the information has been entered into the system, the Community Development Department will begin the review process, she said.

“e-Services will also make the review process much more efficient for our office and other City departments, and it can be used by applicants to track where their permit or plan is in the process,” Beeman said.

The system also provides mobile services that can be used by City staff in the field, reducing time spent traveling to and from City Hall to access computers and information. And, in addition to bringing efficiencies to citizens and City staff, Bartlesville residents will be able to stay better informed about what’s going on in their neighborhoods.

“The City’s online GIS mapping system will now also show where building and codes enforcement activities are occurring, so citizens can access that and know more about what is happening in their neighborhoods,” she said.

Beeman said she hopes citizens will start utilizing the service as soon as possible.

“This is a technological advantage that we hope everyone will sign up for and use,” Beeman said. “It won’t be perfect, but we will work though any problems that arise as more people begin to use it. In the end, this will result in major improvements in customer service and allow all City departments to share information, saving time for staff and all citizens using City services.”

Anyone who would like assistance signing up or learning how to navigate the system is invited to visit the Community Development Department, located on the second floor of City Hall, any time between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. for a tutorial, Beeman said.

“We have a computer set up for anyone who would like to come in and sign up for this service, and staff is available to answer questions and offer assistance,” she said. “We want everyone to feel comfortable using e-Services and are happy to help in any way we can.”

To access e-Services, visit City of Bartlesville e-Services. For assistance signing up, see How to Register/Log In to Bartlesville e-Services. For further assistance, contact the Community Development Department at 918.338.4244.