City mitigation measures: What’s next?

May 14, 2020

City Ordinance No 3527 passed by the City Council on April 30 put in place several Covid-19 mitigation measures that are slated to change or roll off with the progression of the Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) plan enacted by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt beginning last month.

The OURS plan calls for the State to move to Phase 2 on May 15 only if criteria is met during Phase 1, including hospital and incident rates remaining “at a manageable level” for 14 days.

OURS Plan, Phase 2

Goal of May 15, 2020

(Subject to all Phase 1 guidelines being met)

Individual guidance

  • Continue following Safer at Home guidelines for those over 65 or part of a vulnerable population
  • Maintain social distancing from others when in public
  • Avoid socializing in groups that do not readily allow for appropriate social distancing
  • Consider resuming non-essential travel

Employer guidance

  • Close common areas or enforce social distancing and sanitation protocols
  • Honor requests of personnel who are members of a vulnerable population for special accommodations
  • Employers are recommended to implement social distancing protocols, which include proper sanitation and use of protective equipment when interacting with the public

Specific employer guidance

  • Organized sports activities can reopen and operate under proper social distancing and sanitation protocols
  • Visits to senior care facilities and hospitals should still be prohibited
  • Bars can operate with diminished standing-room occupancy, where applicable and appropriate and under social distancing and sanitation protocols
  • Funerals and weddings can resume under social distancing protocols
  • Children’s nursery areas in places of worship can reopen

City Manager Mike Bailey said this week that several of the City’s measures are set to expand or change once the governor announces the State has moved to Phase 2 of the OURS plan. During Phase 2, customer occupancy restrictions will ease for local businesses and restaurants will be able to seat more customers.

“The measures outlined in City Ordinance No. 3527 are largely in alignment with Gov. Stitt’s OURS plan,” Bailey said. “Once the governor announces Phase 2 of the OURS plan is in effect, our local businesses can apply Section 10 of City Ordinance No. 3527 which eases some of those restrictions in effect during Phase 1.”

City Ordinance No. 3527, Section 10

Retail, gym or exercise buildings

Calculate the square footage of the building including any existing enclosed outdoor area that customers are allowed to access for the purposes of the business. Divide the square footage by the square footage factor listed and round up to the nearest whole number.

  • “OURS” Plan Phase 1 = 650
  • “OURS” Plan Phase 2 = 500
  • “OURS” Plan Phase 3 = 350

The maximum customers allowed must be based on the above calculation or 10 customers, whichever is greater. Businesses must post the maximum number of customers allowed at all entrances and exits. Customers waiting to enter a building or facility are still required to maintain six feet between themselves and other people.

Bars and restaurants

Tables must be spaced to enhance social distancing in accordance with the OURS plan phasing.

  • OURS Plan Phase 1 — 9 feet between seating areas of tables
  • OURS Plan Phase 2 — 8 feet between seating areas of tables
  • OURS Plan Phase 3 — 7 feet between seating areas of tables

Fixed booths must be seated every other booth for all phases. Customers who are not seated must still maintain six feet between themselves and others at all times.

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