City ordinance in effect until council review

April 24, 2020

Officials expect governor’s new executive order later today

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt held a press conference Wednesday to announce a multi-phased plan to re-open the state’s economy that would rescind portions of the governor’s executive order issued last month — including measures that would allow personal care businesses to resume business today and restaurants to re-open on May 1.

City Manager Mike Bailey said he expects the governor’s new executive order to be available for review today.

“Once the new order is available, we will review it along with the Governor’s ‘Open Up and Recover Safely Plan’ and the White House’s guidance on re-opening,” Bailey said. “A better understanding of these three documents will allow us to determine how we need to proceed in doing what is best for our community.”

Based on information presented on Stitt’s website and social media platforms, the three-phased plan appears to essentially rescind some measures outlined in an executive order issued by Stitt last month. Among other restrictions, the order required vulnerable populations to remain “Safer at Home” and closed personal care businesses such as hair salons, massage therapists and dog groomers.

Those businesses were not closed under City Ordinance No. 3525, which was approved by the City Council shortly before the governor’s order was issued. Therefore, if the businesses are allowed to reopen under the governor’s order today, they should operate under the requirements outlined in the City’s ordinance:

  • By appointment with no walk-in customers
  • Appointments may not be scheduled and held within 15 minutes of the preceding appointment
  • Clients may not bring any other person, including children, into the facility during an appointment
  • Workstations must have a minimum of six feet of space from the adjoining workstation to promote social distancing

“It appears there would be no conflict for these businesses between the governor’s new plan and the City ordinance,” Bailey said. “They should be able to reopen as long as they operate under the requirements outlined in City Ordinance No. 3525.”

Stitt also announced that beginning May 1, restaurants will be allowed to reopen for dine-in service and closures will be lifted for several businesses including gyms, exercise facilities and movie theaters. If included in the governor’s new order, these measures would be in conflict with the City ordinance, Bailey said.

“If the governor’s new order lifts these restrictions effective May 1, local businesses would be required to operate under the City’s ordinance until May 4,” he said. “Currently the council is scheduled to meet on May 4 to review this matter but could meet next week to discuss the conflict between the City’s ordinance and the governor’s order. The council can choose to extend, amend or revoke the ordinance at any council meeting.”

The City’s mitigation measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic includes several measures:

  • Closure of most City facilities
  • Bars, restaurants, taverns, etc., limited to curbside, drive-thru and delivery service (no dine-in)
  • Closure of gyms, exercise facilities, bowling alleys and movie theaters
  • Safer in Place requirement effective for all Bartlesville residents
  • Puts several restrictions in place for daycare and child care facilities
  • Requires retailers to limit the number of customers at one time and other social distancing practices
  • Bans garage sales, estate sales and auctions
  • Requires City meetings to be held via teleconference or videoconference

For a full list of mitigation measures and more information on these issues, see City Beat April 7, City Ordinance No. 3525 and City Ordinance No. 3526.

The council meeting on May 4 will be via Zoom, and may be viewed on the City’s webcast at .

For Covid-19-related comments and questions, email . To report a violation, see online reporting. For more information, visit the Covid-19 Hub on the City’s website,