City: Verify contractors properly licensed, insured

February 6, 2024
Click on the photo above to watch a short video on how to check your contractor’s license and registration.

As spring nears, there can be a noticeable uptick in projects underway in homes and businesses around Bartlesville. The City of Bartlesville’s Community Development office offers several tips to keep in mind when hiring a contractor for a home improvement or business project.

To perform work in the City of Bartlesville, all roofers, general contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors and mechanical (HVAC) contractors must be licensed by the City of Bartlesville. In addition, all of those (except general contractors) must also be licensed by the State of Oklahoma. To become licensed, a contractor must meet minimum bonding and insurance requirements.

“Many cities receive complaints from homeowners who have hired contractors under the assumption that they were qualified and had the proper certifications and licenses,” says Chief Building Official Trey Yankovich. “This is, unfortunately, not always the case, and we urge individuals to use caution.”

Hiring a licensed contractor offers protections to the property owner, especially in regards to residential property. For one, most state licensed contractors cannot obtain a license without possessing a minimum amount of experience and passing a business management test. Secondly, to obtain a City of Bartlesville business license, contractors must provide proof of insurance.

Residential property owners who experience problems with a licensed contractor have additional protections unavailable to persons utilizing an unlicensed entity. Among them is the ability to file a complaint against the contractor’s license if his/her work is non-compliant.

In addition, some contractors advertise that they are licensed or insured when they are not. Most advertisements that appear in print and online (including social media) are not regulated by the publisher, and should only be considered accurate about the name of the company or individual and their phone number. (Even expensive custom lettering on a work vehicle does not guarantee that the entity is licensed to do the work advertised.)

“The only sure way of knowing that your contractor is licensed is to do your due diligence,” says Yankovich.

To verify if your contractor is licensed by the City of Bartlesville, contact the permitting department at 918.338.4238. Those outside city limits (or anyone who just wants to verify state licensing status) may check the status of an electrical, mechanical and roofing contractor license at