Protect Our Herd:

What you can do to help knock out Covid-19 in our community

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ER doctor talks masks, COVID & how to stay safe during holidays

An emergency room physician with Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Dr. Joshua Gentges talked recently with local podcaster Scott Townsend of The Scott Townsend Show on steps we can all take to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Townsend serves on City’s COVID-19 Public Information Campaign Advisory Committee.

See excerpts at, or listen to this podcast in its entirety at The Scott Townsend Show,

Local pediatrician: 3 W’s still best defense against COVID-19

Bartlesville pediatrician Dr. Gopal Chandrasekharan talked recently with local podcaster Scott Townsend of The Scott Townsend Show on steps we can all take to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Townsend serves on City’s COVID-19 Public Information Campaign Advisory Committee. 

See excerpts of this podcast here. You can listen to this podcast in its entirety here.

B’ville Bill

Meet “B’ville Bill,” the mascot of a new communications campaign underway by the City of Bartlesville aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19. B’ville Bill has one simple message: Let’s Protect Our Herd by working together to knock out Covid-19 in our community.


The single most important thing you can do to help knock out Covid-19 is not get it in the first place. Taking some simple precautions can help protect you, your family and friends and others in the community from getting the virus.

Follow the CDC’s recommendations by consistently practicing  “The Three W’s”:


Wash Your Hands

It’s important to wash your hands often with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer, especially after you have been in a public place or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. The rule of thumb is to wash for a minimum of 20 seconds.


Watch Your Distance

Put six feet of space between yourself and other people who don’t live in your household. This can be difficult to maintain in some situations, but consistently maintaining this distance will help keep you and our herd safe.


Wear a Mask

Wear a mask or face covering when in public or when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.


Businesses, non-profits

If you own or manage a business, non-profit or other organization, please consider encouraging (or requiring) customers/visitors and staff to socially distance and wear a mask for face covering.

Feel free to download any of the signs on this page. Free printed copies are available on the second floor of City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave.. Call 918.338.4132 or 918.338.4238 for more information.


Click on image(s) below to watch messages from Mayor Dale Copeland and City Manager Mike Bailey:

City Manager Mike Bailey on how he’s helping to “Protect Our Herd.”
A message from Mayor Dale Copeland and City Manager Mike Bailey.


Social Media

Are you doing your part to “Protect Our Herd”? Post a 7-15 second video on Facebook or Twitter and tag us! Email to

Suggested script

Post a video on Facebook or Twitter stating what you’re doing to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and tag us! Facebook – City of Bartlesville GOV, Twitter – Bartlesville GOV. If you need some help to get going, here are some ideas:

Mayor Dale Copeland – Why I Wear a Mask
  • Hi, I’m (name and [if desired] affiliation)
  • I wear a mask …
    • Examples…
      • To protect myself and my loved ones.
      • To protect myself and those throughout my community.
      • To help us defeat the global pandemic known as COVID-19 as soon as possible.
      • Because I care about our community and will do what it takes to help protect it.
    • I’m urging you to wear a mask as well.
  • Let’s follow B’ville Bill’s lead and “Protect Our Herd.”
  • Let’s prove we’re Bartlesville strong and knock out the coronavirus together.

Guidelines for producing self-shot videos

  • If you can, have a helping hand. The front facing camera on most phones has better resolution.

    Vice Mayor Alan Gentges – Why I Wear a Mask
  • Stay close. A nice 3/4 head and shoulders rather than a full length body shot is best.
  • Shoot horizontally or in landscape mode.
  • Speak up and direct your voice toward the camera.
  • Make sure your assistant isn’t covering the microphone while shooting.
  • Try and find a quiet location. Shooting outdoors is great. Just make sure you’re not near too much traffic.
  • Tell us who you are before you start your video.




The City Water Utilities Department is helping to Protect Our Herd.
Ray of Hope Child Advocacy Center Director Rhonda Hudson encourages everyone to do their part to #Protect Our Herd.











Price Tower Executive Director Rick Loyd
Frank Phillips Foundation CEO Bob Fraser









As cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to increase across the U.S., the safest way to celebrate the winter holidays is to celebrate at home with the people you live with.

For more information about actions you can take during the holidays to reduce the chances of getting or spreading Covid-19, see


Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19: viral tests and antibody tests.

  • viral test tells you if you have a current infection.
  • An antibody test might tell you if you had a past infection.
Considerations for who should get tested
  • People who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who have had close contact (within 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes or more) with someone with confirmed COVID-19.
  • People who have taken part in activities that put them at higher risk for COVID-19 because they cannot socially distance as needed, such as travel, attending large social or mass gatherings, or being in crowded indoor settings.
  • People who have been asked or referred to get testing by their healthcare provider, localexternal icon or state ​health department.

For testing locally, contact your medical provider or the Washington County Health Department, 918.335.3005, 5121 Jacquelyn Lane, for more information.


The U.S. recently began offering vaccines for Covid-19. Still, it’s important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to help stop this pandemic as we learn more about how COVID-19 vaccines work in real-world conditions. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others, stay at least six feet away from others, avoid crowds, and wash your hands often.

The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as large enough quantities are available. Once vaccine is widely available, the plan is to have several thousand vaccination providers offering COVID-19 vaccines in doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and federally qualified health centers.

Other ways you can help Protect Our Herd

Please help B’ville Bill encourage Bartians to practice “The Three Ws” by doing all three consistently until we’ve successfully knocked Covid-19 out in our community. Also,

  • Consider picking up a free yard sign, available on the second floor of City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave.
  • Display a B’ville Bill sign in your home, office or business. Signs are available at no cost on the second floor of City Hall.
  • Watch City Beat, the City’s free, weekly e-newsletter, for more opportunities to participate in eliminating Covid-19. Sign up
  • Check out our Facebook page at City of Bartlesville GOV