Device to help BPD with traffic enforcement

December 6, 2019

The Bartlesville Police Department has employed the use of technology to help fight speeding in Bartlesville, BPD Detective and Public Information Officer Sgt. Daniel Elkins said recently.

Thanks to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Grant, the police department has implemented “TraffiCloud,” an electronic traffic management system that will help monitor and collect traffic data and help identify problem areas. The device is placed on the roadside where it also displays traffic speed on an easy to read display for motorists to ensure they are in compliance with the speed limit, Elkins said.

“The Bartlesville Police Department would like to make note that we have taken speeding complaints seriously throughout our community,” Elkins said. “Naturally, we have turned to technology to help aid in maximizing our recourses to better serve the community in providing safe roadways in our neighborhoods as well as major thoroughfares.

He said TraffiCloud gathers “a tremendous amount of data,” including the rate of traffic activity by the hour, the number of vehicles, speed of each vehicle, as well as the average speed. Elkins said the data is then used to help determine where extra traffic control efforts are needed.

“This data will allow the police department to take an analytical approach at where to best place our resources to ensure that we are maximizing our efforts to keep our roads safe,” he said. “It is important to the Bartlesville Police Department to identify problem areas within our community and to make an immediate response to those areas.”

Currently, the TraffiCloud is set up on Georgetown Drive just east of Silver Lake Road, in the Colonial Estates neighborhood.

“The TraffiCloud will remain on Georgetown Drive until we have a better understanding of the traffic in that area,” Elkins said. “The TraffiCloud will then be deployed in other potential problem areas within our community,”

For more information, contact Elkins at 918.338.4027.