Johnstone Park closed pending removal of damaged trees

Lonnie Glenn Johnstone ParkJohnstone Park could remain closed for at least another week after several trees were damaged by high winds that moved through the area on April 26.

The park was closed immediately following the late-night storms and Parks Department crews soon began working to remove several damaged and uprooted trees from blocking the roadway through the park.

An eventual evaluation of the damage caused by the storms revealed many more trees with hanging limbs that must be removed before the park can be re-opened, Parks Superintendent Bobby Robinson said Thursday.

Shayne Sloan Johnstone Park“We have at least thirty trees with hanging limbs that will have to be removed using bucket trucks,” Robinson said.

He said how fast the work can be done depends on weather conditions in the upcoming days.

“We hope the park will be open later next week, but we can’t make any promises, with rain chances at 80 percent on Friday,” he said.

No shelter reservations may be made until the park is re-opened.

Shayne Sloan, left, and Lonnie Glenn, right, work to remove damaged trees in Johnstone Park after storms moved through the area on April 26.