Johnstone Park, some parts of Pathfinder still closed after flooding

Johnstone Park and some portions of the Pathfinder Parkway trail remain closed this week due to extreme muddy areas created by the flooding that began the week of May 20.

“The flood waters have receded, but there’s a lot of mud in these areas and we have two trees down in the park,” said Parks Superintendent Bobby Robinson.

He said crews are working to re-open the park as soon as possible, but that it “probably won’t be this week” due to the amount of cleanup required.

He said crews are also working to clear the mud from the Pathfinder trail system.

“There are no barricades prohibiting people from using Pathfinder, but there is a lot of mud in the areas where the water came up over the path,” he said. “We’re asking people to use common sense in approaching these areas, as they can be slick from the mud and potentially unsafe. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work toward getting this cleaned up.”